Video of the Day: Hispanic YouTuber Advocates Murder of Whites In Unhinged Rant

On Sunday, the Gateway Pundit reported that a video posted to YouTube by a user identified as Sabastian Esquibel called for murdering white people and breeding with white women in a deliberate attempt to wipe out the white race.

“We have to kill white people. Otherwise, there will be no change,” he states in the profanity-laced video.  “We need to start interbreeding with their women, having as many children as possible and get our race going,” he added.

“It’s a little hard to be racist when you have children that are half black,” he explained.

“We really need to f*****g get rid of ’em,” he said of white people.  So much for “tolerance” and “diversity.”

“They don’t wanna be here, they don’t wanna be on our team, they don’t wanna help, they don’t wanna do anything with us so let’s f*****g get ’em out of our f*****g country,” he added.  “They’re not even f*****g from here,” he added, claiming that white people aren’t from America, but came here from somewhere else and only act as if they originate here.

“This is why we need to kill ’em,” he said.

Talk about an indictment of our “education” system.

Another YouTube account that posted the video claimed the originator is a leader of San Diego’s Antifa group, and stated the original video was taken down.

Here’s the video as posted by the Gateway Pundit.  WARNING: Graphic, explicit language!

Granted, this is just one individual, but one has to wonder how many more out there think like this character.

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Thanks, Democrats.  Thanks, liberal media propagandists.  This is on you.


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