Video of the Day: CNN propagandist Brian Stelter says Trump ‘cannot be trusted’

Today’s video of the day comes to us courtesy of Newsbusters, which reported that CNN propagandist Brian Stelter falsely claimed that President Trump simply cannot be trusted since in his view, and the apparent view of his Trump-hating panel, the president is, to put it mildly, “Putin’s puppet.”

According to Nicholas Fondacaro:

President Trump was set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, and the liberal media were in full campaign mode as they pushed speculation the President was a Russian agent meeting with his handler.

CNN’s Brian Stelter admitted as much during Sunday’s Reliable Sources, saying, “Trump opponents will speculate that he’s really a Russian agent, having a meeting with his handler, betraying America.” While he did say that, Stelter also declared that no one could trust the President’s account of the meeting and gave those conspiracy theories room to grow.

Stelter kicked off the program by casting doubt over whether or not the President was trustworthy enough for us to believe his account of the one-on-one meeting Putin. “No aides, no note-takers. So, we’ll never really know what is said because, really, can we trust either man? No. We can’t,” he bitterly spat.

“What President Trump says is so frequently false or nonsensical that his words don’t have the same meaning, the same power, the same impact as past presidents. It’s a shame but it’s true. Trump simply cannot be trusted. He has proven this himself time and time again. It’s his own lies and his own contradictions that have proven it,” he claimed.

Naturally, his panel agreed…

Fondacaro also noted the conspiracy theories put forward in this segment, including one in which New York magazine writer Jonathan Chait shared a wild accusation that Trump has been helping Russia in the U.S. since the late 1980’s.

The report concludes:

Reliable Sources had become a place where media-televangelist Brian Stelter could sing the praises of the cult. It’s a place where hypocrisy could flourish. It’s a place where he could denounce the President for the lies he told while telling his own. Contrary to the network’s slogan, facts were not first there.

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This is CNN.


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