Arizona could hit 300K CCW Permits as Cal. group wants secession

Dave Workman

The Arizona Department of Public Safety posted data on line Sunday that suggests the state could hit 300,000 active concealed weapons permits by the end of this year, making it one of the more gun-friendly states in the country.

Arizona actually enjoys what proponents call “Constitutional carry.” Under the law, no permit is required to carry a sidearm openly or concealed, but the permits are still available for people traveling to other states that recognize carry permits and licenses.

By contrast, neighboring California has spawned a movement called the California Independence Campaign, and their goal is to have the state secede from the United States. This is due to the election of Donald Trump.

Before the election, California Gov. Jerry Brown even suggested that the Golden State might have to erect a wall along the state borders to “preserve its forward-looking policies against a reactionary federal regime,” the Los Angeles Times noted last month.

There is no small amount of irony in that assertion, since it is precisely why the Second Amendment is included in the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment, as proponents insist, is not about hunting ducks or deer, but about protecting the right and ability of the people to resist government tyranny.

Back on Nov. 30, the Los Angeles Times ran a piece by Michael Hiltzik in which it was noted that voters approved more gun control laws and legalized marijuana. The story quoted “progressive billionaire” Tom Steyer, who predicted that Trump will be bad for California.

“It’s impossible to look at the Trump campaign and not see a direct threat to the civil liberties and dignity of California citizens,” he was quoted as stating.

Perhaps not surprisingly, a fair number of people are fleeing California for other states with friendlier gun laws. If not Arizona, many have gone north to Washington and Oregon. Last week, the Washington Department of Licensing reported 566,685 active concealed pistol licenses.

According to the Sacramento Bee, for California to secede, it would require 585,407 signatures on a petition to place that question on the 2018 ballot. Those signatures could cost up to $5 apiece for professional signature gatherers to secure. The newspaper identified Silicon Valley venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar as being willing to fund “a legitimate campaign for California to become its own nation” in the event of a Trump victory. Well, Trump won.


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