Video: Obama’s TSA warns travelers that jokes about security could result in arrest

shredded-300x284A video posted Saturday at Saving the Republic shows how far America has fallen.

It seems we are no longer a nation where free speech is celebrated and encouraged.  To be blunt, we are now looking more and more like the former Soviet Union where dissent is not allowed and anti-government remarks can get you arrested.

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Saving the Republic notes:

Most people traveling would assume that if someone jokes about having a bomb or hijacking a plane would be cause to detain them at the least if not arrest them. Who determines what is or isn’t an inappropriate remark or joke? What if someone says something in another language? As this stands based on the announcement if one is in the airport and says the TSA is a bunch of incompetent rent-a-cops, or obama thugs that person theoretically can be arrested?!

According to the announcement over the intercom, travelers are told that, “You are also reminded that any inappropriate remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest.”

A post at explains further:

Matt Miller said on the morning of September 20th, during his return trip from Colorado to Florida, he spent a few hours in Houston waiting for a connecting flight.   Sitting at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, he repeatedly heard a TSA audio message on the intercom that disturbed him.

Seriously, you have to listen to this video for yourself…

Welcome to Obama’s America, where free speech can now get you arrested and thrown in jail.  Call it “fundamental transformation.”

Worse yet, where are our elected representatives in Washington and why aren’t they tearing the doors down demanding a stop to this madness?


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