Video: Nancy Pelosi speaks gibberish defending Obamacare, warns of unexpected house guest

Pelosi crazyOn Wednesday, Republicans in Congress began the initial steps to fulfill their promise to repeal Obamacare, the president’s signature legislation that turned over a significant portion of the economy to the federal government.  Naturally, this prompted Democrats to engage in their signature demagoguery and fear-mongering, with Nancy Pelosi — the California statist who famously said we had to pass Obamacare to see what was in it — to lead the way with nonsensical statements and dire warnings.

“The most privileged person in America has better health because if everyone has health, everyone is in the loop,” she said.

What?  We looked and couldn’t find anyone capable of translating that bit of Pelosi-speak to anything resembling standard English.

Here’s video:

She wasn’t finished, as Twitchy noted.

Here she is, calling Republicans cowards for doing what they promised, and claiming that “Grandma” will move into the guest room:

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Keep in mind this is the Democrat Rep. Trey Gowdy once called “mind-numbingly stupid.”

And Democrats still don’t understand why they lost in November.


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