Video: HS football player attacks opponent with helmet

A thrown penalty flag
A thrown penalty flag

A video has surfaced on the internet from a high school football game showing a defensive player attacking an offensive player. The incident is said to have happened on Friday September 11, in New Jersey. The video shows a defensive lineman (DL), from Linden HS, attacking the offensive lineman (OL) who plays for Immaculata HS.

The play started out as just a routine play but then the video shows the Linden player pulling the Immaculata player to the ground by his helmet. Once the helmet comes off the DL violently draws back and uppercuts the OL on the left side of his face; and tosses the helmet on the field in one movement.

The seemingly bewildered Immaculata player stands up with his arms in the air looking at the referee as a flag is tossed in the air. The Linden player was not ejected from the game and according to the reports the Immaculata player had to receive 10 stitches due to the attack. You can see what happens for yourself by watching the video below.

The above-mentioned incident comes almost two weeks after a video showing “Two high school players appear to target referee” was posted on Youtube. That video shows the John Jay HS players deliberately attacking the referee during a game in San Antonio.

There appears to be something seriously wrong in a society where unsportmanship-like behavior happens in a game. There’s no excuse for this type of behavior in a game. Is it any wonder that high school players act in this manner when they seen grown men, who call themselves professionals, throw fits of rage on the field?

What are your thoughts about the behavior on the field? Leave your thoughts and comments below and sound off.

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