Video: Gary Oldman thanks America in Oscars speech, gets no applause

On Sunday, actor Gary Oldman received his first Oscar for his performance as Winston Churchill in the movie Darkest Hour.  While giving his acceptance speech, Oldman thanked the United States and got no applause whatsoever for that line, Twitchy said.

“I owe this and so much more to so many. I’ve lived in America for the longest time and I am deeply grateful to her for the loves and the friendships I have made and the many wonderful gifts it has given me – my home, my livelihood, my family and now Oscar,” he said.

Twitchy noted:

How refreshing to hear a celebrity stand on the Oscars stage and say something good about this country. Maybe Hollywood isn’t ready to hear something like that:

Indeed, it is.

Quite a few called it a welcome change, Twitchy said.

While many gave Oldman props for recognizing America, media critics didn’t think Oldman should’ve received the award.

According to the New York Post:

Social media users are resurfacing allegations from Oldman’s ex-wife in 2001. The Daily Beast reported that she said Oldman hit her “in the face with the telephone receiver three or four times.” (Oldman has denied these allegations.)

“Strange that Gary Oldman didn’t thank his publicist for keeping all of those domestic violence assault allegations from getting too much coverage this awards season,” writes film blogger Jon Adams.

“Was Gary Oldman a secret agent sent to ruin my evening, and possibly my life?” writes Entertainment Weekly correspondent Dana Schwartz.

“Literally ANY OF THE OTHER FOUR NOMINEES would have been better than Gary Oldman,” writes Buzzfeed editor Kristin Chirico.

The Guardian added:

Oldman’s victory comes despite the re-emergence in recent weeks of allegations of domestic abuse against his now ex-wife, along with controversial quotes from a 2014 Playboy interview, in which he used racist and sexist language while defending antisemitic comments made by Mel Gibson. Oldman, who has denied the abuse allegations, apologised for the “insensitive” nature of his Playboy comments.

The actor has been widely praised for his latex-enhanced performance as Churchill, a transformation that required five hours in makeup per day. “People would stare at me because the makeup was so good you could stand an inch from me and you couldn’t tell I was wearing any, the actor told Deadline. “It was fascinating to people. It was really like being the prime minister for a few months.”

“It’s as if neither man has a history of alleged harassment and abuse,” USA Today said. “At face value, the Oscars were full of rhetoric celebrating women’s achievements and honoring the Me Too and Time’s Up movements. But Oldman and (Kobe) Bryant’s wins revealed how much Hollywood really cares about purging the industry’s toxic men. Not as much as advocates hoped.”

Even so, it would have been nice to see some applause for the country…

Twitchy concluded: “Congratulations to Mr. Oldman! America is fortunate to have you.”

Here’s video of his acceptance speech:


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