AP to employees: Be vigilant of threats from Bernie Sanders supporters

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AP warns employees to look out for supporters of Bernie SandersOn Tuesday, the Associated Press issued warnings to employees, telling them to “practice situational awareness” at their offices and bureaus in the wake of threats from unhinged supporters of Socialist Bernie Sanders, a.k.a., “Crazy Bernie.”

The warning came from Danny Spriggs, the AP’s vice president for global security, who said colleagues were receiving angry phone calls, email and messages on social media from Sanders supporters.  The AP itself, however, has not “received any specific security threats.”

He added:

Some AP staff have received angry communications in the form of emails, social media messages and phone calls. We have not received any specific security threats. If you need to respond to complaints, feel free to point the public to the statements on our blog as appropriate.

…It is always good to practice situational awareness around AP bureaus and offices.

Benjamin Mullin added:

The wrath from Sanders supporters was prompted by the AP’s decision, made on Monday, to announce that Clinton had clinched the nomination for the Democratic Party ahead of her rival a day before the final primaries. The Sanders camp insists that superdelegates — individual voters who do not formally weigh in until the Democratic National Convention — should not be counted as they still have more than a month to change their allegiances.

The AP declined to discuss on the memo in a statement to Poynter Wednesday morning.

“As a prudent company policy, The Associated Press routinely declines requests to discuss its security concerns and preparedness for publication,” Paul Colford, vice president and director of media relations at The Associated Press, said in an email.

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The warning came after the AP issued a news item declaring Hillary Clinton the presumptive nominee prior to the California primary, which didn’t sit too well with quite a few people.

And it turns out the AP isn’t the only outlet that has warned employees to watch out for unhinged leftists.

Mullin wrote:

After the AP declared Clinton the presumptive nominee, several other news organizations, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, followed suit. Journalists for those organizations have also been subject to online abuse from Sanders supporters: New York Times reporter Amy Chozick tweeted Tuesday that Sanders backers threatened to “hunt me down in the streets”; WNYC’s Andrea Bernstein was called a “whore” and a “shill” in emails.

It’s amazing to think that we’re now to the point that major news outlets have to warn employees to be on the lookout for crazed liberals.

Just think, we’re only getting started…


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