Video of the Day: YouTuber says FBI came to visit him over comment by shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz

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On Wednesday, YouTuber BenTheBondsman posted a video to YouTube discussing his encounter with the FBI and the comment placed on a video by an individual using the name Nikolas Cruz, which happens to be the same name as the young man now being held in the tragic Florida shooting.

Here’s the description on his video:

Nikolas Cruz made a comment in one of my videos a few months ago about wanting to be a school shooter. Today’s unfortunate events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida may have been what he was planning. Here’s the story.

Here’s the video:

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One person responded: “Ben you actually went above and beyond the call of duty reporting to YT and getting the FBI involved. The comment made by the now shooter was so mundane most people would have deleted it and carried on. You didn’t. You stopped, made a decision and made a difference. Good on you. Take care. Stand up for what you know is right. The world needs more ‘Ben’s’…”

We tend to agree.


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