Video of the Day: Dennis Michael Lynch latest conservative site to get crushed by Facebook censorship

In a video posted to YouTube on Friday, Dennis Michael Lynch provided actual statistics to show just how bad his site has been hit by Facebook censorship.

Lynch said he conducted an experiment and posted this on Facebook:

DML News leans right. The Hill leans left. As shown in the screenshot, both pages have about the same number of LIKES. Both pages post the same amount of articles. But the left leaning HILL gets 5X the reach.

Fighting For Trump is pro-Trump. Axios is anti-Trump. Axios has an edge on LIKES, but FFT has the edge on number of posts. AXIOS has nearly 7X the reach.

Lefty Axios, which has 1/4 the audience and far less total posts of Righty DML, has the same reach. How does that happen?

DML and FFT both have NEGATIVE growth. The Hill and Axios are neutral.

“Mark,” he said on Facebook, “You’re a biased man except for when it comes to asking me to BUY MORE LIKES. Then my money is just as good as the Left’s.”

Worse yet, he said, Facebook has removed a number of posts he made, and removed posts he scheduled.  All the while demanding more money.

Here’s the video:

This, by the way, is the same thing that happened to Diamond and Silk and it’s the same thing that’s happening to ALL conservative sites that use Facebook.

Jerrold Nadler, a Democrat from New York, claimed during this week’s hearing with Diamond and Silk that this censorship is a “hoax” and a conspiracy theory.  Apparently, Facebook didn’t get the memo.

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