Video: Congressman Supports More Funding for Military, Booed By Leftists

Video: Congressman Supports More Funding for Military, Booed By LeftistsActivists from a hardcore leftist group called, Michigan People’s Campaign, booed Michigan Republican Rep. Dave Trott Saturday morning after the two-term congressman vocally supported increasing funding for the United States military.

Representative Dave Trott (R-Mich.) held a town hall event in a convention center in Novi, Mich. on Saturday, after receiving pressure from liberal activist group Michigan People’s Campaign, according to the Daily Caller.

A video of part of Trott’s remarks shows him saying “I support more funding for the military…” before trailing off under a chorus of boos and several attendees waving red pieces of paper.

The Daily Caller reported:

Speaking to a packed ballroom inside a suburban Detroit convention center, Trott hosted his first town hall meeting since the 2016 elections, where he echoed President Donald Trump’s call for higher levels of military spending.

Many attendees were reportedly affiliated with the liberal activist group, Michigan People’s Campaign, which has been asking Trott to host a town hall ever since his reelection. The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to the Michigan People’s Campaign for comment and received no response.

Trott was first elected in 2014, after defeating Rep. Kerry Bentivolio in a GOP primary challenge. A successful attorney and businessman, Trott railed against Obamacare during his reelection campaign in 2016, when premiums increased 16.7 percent in Michigan, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Most leftists have never liked the U.S. military or veterans which results in two stated examples.

In 2015, Richard Winchester of American Thinker stated, “How about the Obama administration’s indifference while the Veterans’ Administration engaged in dilatory tactics that resulted in American vets’ deaths, while dispensing generous bonuses to those who covered up the VA’s villainy?  How about the Obama administration’s decision to lock aging World War II vets out of their memorial in Washington, while permitting use of that facility by a ragtag claque of anti-American protesters agitating for amnesty for illegal immigrants?”

In another example by Winchester he said, “At least as long ago as 1969, when the draft-dodging Clinton wrote that he “loathe[d] the military,” through the Carter administration’s budgetary butchery that produced a “hollow military” in the 1970s, up to and including Barack Obama’s trade of alleged Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl for five top Taliban leaders, several of whom will very likely resume killing Americans, those who have looked closely have detected a seeming dislike of all things military among key left-wing Democrat politicians and their advisors.”

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