Video: Armed vet says he was prevented from stopping Umpqua shooter

veton hannityWhile appearing on Fox News’ “Hannity,” John Parker, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, said he was prevented from stopping the Umpqua College shooter by college staff, despite having a licensed concealed-carry weapon.

Moreover, he was only about 200 yards away when the incident began.  Video of his statement can be seen below:

“There were a few people in the vet center and then when we heard the shooting happened, we got up and we were gonna go out and see what we could do,” he said.  “Immediately the school staff stopped us and told us to get inside of the building….essentially the staff wouldn’t let us go to assist.”

Army veteran Chris Mintz tried to apprehend the shooter, identified as Chris Harper Mercer, but was shot five times.

Mercer, a young man who had online ties with a supporter of Islamic jihad, listed himself as “Pagan, Wiccan” and not religious.  As we reported, he targeted Christians and shot them in the head.

Meanwhile, liberals, politicians and media vampires have already begun politicizing the shooting as part of the effort to ultimately strip the Second Amendment from the Constitution.


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