Unreal: GoFundMe pages set up for Andrew McCabe

Despite the fact that Andrew McCabe really isn’t losing his pension, bleeding hearts have actually set up GoFundMe pages for the fired FBI deputy director…

What’s that you say?  McCabe really isn’t losing his pension?  But wasn’t he fired?

Yes, he was fired, but as Forbes contributor Elizabeth Bauer explains:

Pensions — public as well as private — are required to meet certain vesting requirements, and, in fact, the FERS (Federal Employees Retirement System) benefits vest at 5 years, meaning that benefit accruals cannot be taken away.

… [W]hat [McCabe] lost out on was … the ability to take his benefits at age 50, rather than somewhere between age 57 and age 62, and he lost his eligibility to a special top-up in benefit formula.  These are, admittedly, tangible financial losses, but it is grossly misleading that various news outlets are giving the general public the impression that he has lost his pension entirely.

Nevertheless, liberals, apparently feeling sorry for McCabe, are off to the races, giving up more of their money for the cause.

Ray Timmermans of Hornell, N.Y., for example, is out to collect $100,000 for McCabe, which is a little shy of the actual amount of his pension, which works out to around $1.8 million. In any case, Timmermans has so far raised only $345 toward his goal, though one still has to wonder who is willing to scrape together even nickels and dimes for a man who may yet face federal prosecution for his actions.

Another GoFundMe page, this one started up by “Ethan Marathons” of Chicago, has raised $2,366 toward a goal of $75,000, while something called the “Indivisible Network” has raised $15,492 of its $200,000 target.

It might be instructive for these well-intentioned dupes to learn that Andrew McCabe has an estimated net worth of $11 million. When you consider the lucrative book deals that are almost certain to come his way, he is likely to remain financially secure.

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