Univ. of Illinois prof: Diversity of thought ‘white supremacist bulls**t’

This is what passes for intelligent discourse on the left.  While participating in a Critical Race Studies in Education Association conference at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Professor David Stovall of the University of Illinois at Chicago reportedly said that diversity of thought is “white supremacist bullsh**t,” Campus Reform reported.

According to Campus Reform:

The conference, held between May 31 and June 2, was organized by the Critical Race Studies in Education Association (CRSEA), an organization that frequently hosts similar events to bring together an “interdisciplinary consortium of experts who recognize global implications of race and education for minoritized people.”

“As a community, we are committed to (1) countering and combating systemic and structural racism with scholarship and praxis, (2) recognizing the multiple locations of oppression and the myriad manifestations and effects of their intersections and (3) co-constructing liberating knowledge that facilitates collective agency to transform schools and communities,” the group describes itself on its website, a description supported by several attendees at its most recent conference, who quoted highlights from the event on Twitter.

“Whiteness has already been constructed against blackness. There is no virtue in whiteness, it is inherently violent,” one conference-goer tweeted, referencing a quote from Michael Dumas, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley who spoke at the event.

Here’s a couple tweets to give you a feel for what was said:

white supremacist

white supremacist

Writing at the Daily Wire, Frank Camp notes:

It’s likely that Stovall believes white supremacists use the term “diversity of opinion” to stifle black voices — and that’s probably true. Anybody can use and misuse any phrase for their personal benefit. Outside of that obvious fact, however, diversity of opinion is a critical component of our daily lives.

Diversity of opinion provides human beings with new ideas, and sometimes helps us to synthesize seemingly dissonant belief systems. A world in which there is no diversity of opinion is one in which the whole of humanity thinks monolithically. One has to wonder if Professor Stovall believes mankind should operate in such a way; that we should adhere to one idea or belief system, and ignore all other choices. It’s doubtful that if confronted with that possibility, he would agree to such a way of life.

In a world in which differing opinions abound, and some of those opinions are mutually exclusive, how does Professor Stovall discern which opinions are valid, and which are invalid? He creates his own standard.

Naturally, this didn’t sit too well with many:


Stovall wasn’t the only one to make insane comments, Campus Reform said:

According to another attendee, Professor James Scheurich, who also teaches at Indiana University’s Purdue campus, claimed that “research” is a “colonial, white supremacist, elite process,” while Professor Theodorea Berry suggested that “some people need to be slapped into wokeness.”

Berry explained to Campus Reform that the “notion of being ‘slapped into wokeness’ is one where an individual comes to gain [a] level of understanding about others’ oppression by experiencing oppression,” saying this is “especially true for those socially marginalized” people “who subscribe to respectability politics.”

So, is Berry calling for white people to be oppressed?  Sure sounds like it.  There’s more.

“One attendee, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Chicago, concluded her time at the conference by noting that she’s ‘happy’ since she managed to collect ‘a few white tears,'” Campus Reform said.

Stovall, Camp reported, did not respond to requests for comments.

What’s really scary is that these are the people educating indoctrinating our college kids…


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