Two Lady Army Rangers Had Help Passing Obstacle Course

army-rangers-e1439911139552Army Rangers have been asked to lay down their lives for many causes in many areas of the world, but this is the first time they will be forced to risk their lives for political correctness.

Much hype accompanied the two ladies who allegedly passed the obstacle course during Ranger training just like the men.  But, as it turned out, they didn’t pass just like the men.

Capt. Shaye Haver and 1st Lt. Kristen Griest were sent to a special training camp, where recruits can be weeded out before attending Ranger School at Fort Benning.  All things were not equal.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The men were on a strict pass or fail program, but the women were allowed as many tries as they wanted.  This is dangerous.  There are also stories that the women got extra assistance to ensure their passage.

When you fail in combat, you do not get to come back tomorrow for a do-over.  They simply bury what’s left of you.  Even worse, they can bury your fellow soldiers that were depending on you.

The life an Army Ranger wife is stressful enough.  Add to that stress the knowledge that her husband could end up in dangerous areas with unqualified partners.

After eventually passing the training, Haver and Griest were sent to Fort Benning, where they received several months of training with top graduate, Sergeant First Class Robert Hoffnagle.   This training was for these two women alone — no men allowed.  They received advice on the best way to pass the tests and in particular, the obstacle course.

Before training ever began, an unnamed general told his subordinates back in January:

“At least one will get through”

Apparently, he was determined to pass them no matter what.  During training at Fort Benning, when it appeared that no women would pass, Maj. Gen. Scott Miller visited the base and authorities took that to mean they had better pass the women, although that was their impression and not necessarily Miller’s intent.

The women have been barred from the elite 75th and that tells me that no one is willing to risk men in this unit.  But they will get the chance to join other Ranger units and, I assume, go into combat.

All you Ranger wives may want to spend a little extra time in prayer.

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