Two Hundred and Forty Four Illegal Aliens Rounded Up in California

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ICE raidICE agents fanned out across Southern California and swept up two hundred and forty four illegal aliens who have been convicted of crimes.

About 80% were Mexicans and the rest were mostly from Central and South America.  The operation lasted for four days and concentrated only on illegal aliens with criminal records.  

Now, imagine using more manpower (and women power) and concentrating on all illegal aliens, imagine how many they could have rounded up.  Better yet, use the Jade Helm maneuvers to simulate separating terrorists from civilians.  Kill two birds with one stone.

We know from history that some will be released by Obama if they have only committed one or two rapes or murders.  A few more will be deported but they will return within days unless we develop a method that would deter them from coming back.

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I do have an idea.  We put them on slow moving buses, sitting between 2 college student radical liberals, while listening to an audio book, “Myself:Man or Myth: The Joe Piscapo Story.”

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