Twitter wonders: Is Hillary using a body double?

A somewhat slimmer and more healthy Hillary was seen practically dancing in the street just two hours after her collapse, prompting some to say she's using a body double.

Some on Twitter now say Hillary is using a body double
Screengrab: Twitter

After Hillary Clinton collapsed at a 9/11 ceremony Sunday, she was spotted practically dancing in the streets a couple hours later outside her daughter’s apartment building, prompting some on Twitter to suggest that she’s actually using a body double.

Hmmm…  There’s more:

Here’s another:

When one compares photos of Hillary pre- and post- collapse, it does appear that the Hillary seen outside her daughter’s apartment looks, well, a bit younger and a bit slimmer.  One person tweeted:

Another added:

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After spinning and bobbing and weaving and the media falsely claiming Hillary merely “stumbled,” the campaign finally came out with a doctor’s statement that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

I’ve had pneumonia multiple times, and believe me, it’s no fun.  But I’ve never had the kind of miraculous recovery Clinton allegedly had.

I’m reminded of the 1993 movie, “Dave,” in which the owner of a temporary agency fills in for a presumably evil Republican president who suffered a stroke while engaging in a tryst with a White House office worker.

I’m not saying that’s what’s going on here, but it certainly looks fishy.

After all, this is Hillary Clinton, and anything is possible.  Worse yet, she’s lied to us so much that nothing she says can be believed.

On top of that, the media has proven that it’s nothing more than a propaganda arm for her campaign, doing everything it can to provide cover.

We’re now at the point where Hillary could literally eat a squirming puppy on live television and the media would tell us it never happened.

One person noted:

I don’t think so, either…

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