Twitter explodes after FBI lets Hillary off the hook for crimes that have sent others to jail

Hillary gets off scot-free, blows up TwitterOn Tuesday the FBI announced that it was letting “crooked” Hillary Clinton off the hook for crimes that have sent others, like Gen. David Petraeus, to jail.  Naturally, the Internet blew up over the news, with many taking to Twitter to let their feelings be known.

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump responded sharply:

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Trump is right about this.  The FBI said that Clinton was careless with her handling of email and the State Department was sloppy in the way it dealt with her emails.

But hey, she’s a Clinton, so she gets off scot-free.  At least that’s the way it’s being seen on social media.

And therein lies the problem.  Clinton has proven that she can’t be trusted with national security and her history shows that she’s willing to lie and scheme to get her way, even if it means getting Americans killed.  Nevertheless, she’s the Democratic Party wants elected to the White House.

And it’ll only be worse if she gets elected in November.


And that’s the case that Republicans need to make every single day between now and the November election.

Not very long.  Remember, this is the same FBI that investigated bacon on the door handle of a mosque and went after people who downloaded music.

By now, it should be abundantly clear that there is in fact, two systems of justice — one for regular Americans and another for the Clinton Crime Syndicate.  At this point, Hillary could literally murder someone in full view of every camera on earth and eat a raw kitten on live television and we would be told, “nothing to see here, move on.”

If nothing else, this episode proves that the whole swamp known as Washington, D.C., needs to be drained — completely.

But it won’t happen unless every single liberal is voted out of office.


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