Tucker Carlson shreds Adam Schiff for comments on Russia and the Second Amendment — Video

As we reported last Friday, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., made an insane comment claiming that Russian ads promoted the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms so Americans would kill each other.  Fox News’ Tucker Carlson addressed this as only he can, scalding Schiff for his appearance on Russian-owned RT.

“The Russian conspiracy is so subtle, so crafty, such a bewildering Slavic hall of mirrors, that the people warning us about Russia are in fact key players,” Carlson said. “The leaders of the witch hunt are witches.”

Fox News Insider added:

Carlson said Schiff himself, however, appeared on Russian-owned news outlet RT America in 2013.

He said RT America is funded and controlled by the Putin government and has been required by the U.S. government to register as a foreign agent because of the likelihood that it is “engaging in anti-U.S. messaging likely aimed at undermining U.S. trust in government procedures.”

“Who would go on a channel like that?” Carlson asked. “None other than one Adam Bennett Schiff of Burbank, California.”

Carlson said Schiff also conducted a phone call with Russian “pranksters” who claimed to have photographs of Trump with a Russian model.

Video of that eight-minute phone call can be seen here.

Twitchy wondered:

Why would the Russians want to promote our Constitution and Bill of Rights? It goes against everything they stand for. Guess this is the best explanation that Schiff can come up with outside of accepting the reality that the majority of Americans are PRO-GUN.

And Carlson is right — If RT is so bad, why would he appear on the network?

Here’s video of Carlson’s takedown of Schiff:

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