Memo to fed. workers on Hatch Act: No trash talking about Trump

The New York Times is reporting that federal employees have been advised to knock off work talk about President Trump because it just might violate the Hatch Act.

That’s the federal statute that prohibits federal employees from participating in “partisan political campaign s at work or in an official capacity,” the newspaper story noted.

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Federal employees have been advised via memo not to engage in partisan political discussion on the job. (YouTube, C-SPAN)

The story came at about the same time that CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was on the air with Anderson Cooper Thursday evening that he wonders if Donald Trump will finish out his term in office. He noticeably did not use the word “first” in that remark, although the president is running for re-election.

The two-page memo from the Office of Special Counsel that enforces the Hatch Act outlines current policy warned federal employees—about 2 million of them, according to the newspaper—that making or displaying statements at work about resisting the Trump administration or impeachment. While it is likely some federal employees voted for the president, others probably did not, although there should be no way of knowing. noted Friday that the media was “giddy” at the revelation that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen accepted a plea deal this week, acknowledging that he lied to Congress.

There is no masking the excitement that seems to be rampant among Trump’s media critics, and Toobin remarked during his interview with Cooper that, “I mean, I think this thing is enormous.”

But is that wishful thinking?

It might be, if one accepts the perspective of Gregg Jarrett, the Fox News legal analyst who, according to Sean Hannity’s blog, “threw cold water on the mainstream media’s full-fledged frenzy surrounding Michael Cohen’s guilty plea.” Here’s what Jarrett wrote for Fox Friday:

“The plea is worth just enough to give Democrats and members of the Trump-hating media – who know little about the law – something to howl about. Beyond that, it’s of zero value in proving that the president and/or his campaign somehow conspired, coordinated or, if you prefer, ‘colluded’ with Russia to influence the presidential election two years ago.”

Jarrett also noted that Cohen is a proven prevaricator. But the media seems intent on believing something—anything—bad about Trump.

So, what began as an investigation into possible Russian collusion or attempts to tamper with the 2016 election has morphed into something with lots of tentacles that don’t seem to have accomplished much, unless the intent from the beginning was to bog down the president to prevent him from following through on his promise to “drain the swamp.”

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Right now, it almost appears that the swamp creatures are fighting hard to keep their environment intact. That is, unless they are drawing a federal paycheck, in which case that’s a no-no.

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