Trump to Receive Backing of 100 Black Pastors on Monday


On Monday, 100 black religious leaders will endorse Donald Trump for president.  This must be a real nightmare for the establishment leaders.  While they argue all Republicans won’t vote for Trump, he appears to be widening his base significantly.  It should come as no surprise though.  Black leadership, prior to the hostile takeover of the Democratic party by socialists, have always been against immigration, illegal or not.  

Donald Trump is the only candidate not only willing but eager to talk about plans to close off the border and to deport illegal aliens out of the country.  The unemployment rate for young blacks is repulsive.  The U6 number, which is the more accurate unemployment number because unlike the U3 number generally used, the U6 includes those who can only find part time jobs, which is now at 51%.  Curiously, the Hispanic number is 36% and doesn’t distinguish between legal and illegal Hispanics.

The candidate and the pastors, mostly from early southern states such as South Carolina and Florida but also includes representatives from other swing states such as Ohio, will meet with the candidate at Trump Towers on Monday morning and an official announcement will come during the 1 p.m. Trump press conference.   Darrell Scott, pastor of the New Spirit Revival Center in Ohio, was especially impressed with Trump and he helped organize Monday’s meeting.  He also said this about the press and establishment propaganda that Trump is a racist:

“I was looking for some subtle hints of racism.  I didn’t see it at all.”

Pastor Mark Burns of South Carolina, in a statement to the Wall Street Journal, gave his personal endorsement of Trump:

“He’s the best candidate for the Republican nomination.”

Trump currently leads the field by a comfortable margin.  The Cruz campaign is seeing a rise in his numbers as Rubio appears to have hit the wall and Ben Carson has seen an erosion of his support.

Pastors and religious leaders are very influential in the black community and is seen as a huge boost for Trump.


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