Trump Supporters Trounce Hillary’s at the Deplorable Showdown in FL

On Wednesday, Hillary supporters and Trump supporters faced off at Barnacle Bill’s Seafood Restaurant. Well they sort of faced off, as Matt Ryan, a man who attended the event, told us that only about 30 people showed up for Hillary, but over 200 came to support Trump.  Guess Trump won by sheer numbers.

If you recall, the restaurant has a sign that says “NRA member, Concealed Carry OK, Not Deplorable, Vote Trump.”

trump supporters
Screenshot from the event in Florida

When Hillary supporters posted their “rally” on Sunday, Trump supporters caught wind of it and immediately posted a counter-demonstration. It was to be the showdown at the Deplorable Corral.

The showdown – complete with liberal profanity

Some black Hillary supporters stood in front of Trump supporters and set off the “f*** bomb” and laced their “protests” with profanity. Matt confronted them and they went back to the Hillary side.

One person from the Hillary side had a bullhorn. Guess when your numbers are that low you try to make up for the lack of noise level with something.

photo courtesy of Matt Ryan/Facebook

“You could tell the difference in the two sides. The Trump side was a sea of red,white, and blue. The other side only had  2 0r 3 flags.” Matt

Photo courtesy of Matt Ryan/Facebook

Matt was unhappy with one of the news media that covered the event because they got the facts wrong, saying there were only “well over a hundred Trump supporters.” The fact is, the Hillary supporters only stayed for about 40 minutes.

“Typical media getting the facts wrong.  There was more than 200 at its peak and only 30 Hillary supporters they came out late and they didn’t stay long. I think they got dehydrated. I was there for almost 2 hours and at 6:30 o’clock there are still plenty of us still there. Trump headquarters sent one of their RV campaign campers down along with Joe Gruters. Keep up the good work people!!! Trump in a Landslide 2016 get the message out!!!” Matt Ryan in his Facebook post during the event

Matt worked at trying to get a chant of ‘USA! USA!’ going.  He also spoke with several of the news media that came to the event.

He said that at one point, Barnacle Bill’s Restaurant staff came out and distributed bottled water and gift cards for dining at the business during the event. For the customers the restaurant that may have been lost by their controversial sign, they gained more back.

“If people only understood the power of their voice. We outnumbered the Hillary supporters here, and we outnumber them nationwide. People just need to understand that we have the power to do this and win.” Matt Ryan

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