Alleged NYT ‘conservative’: Science explains why Trump is a rotten creep

Resident Republican opinion writer for the New York Times David Brooks has solidified his invite to liberal cocktail parties for a while by explaining why Trump is a jerk. It all has to do with science. Not only does it explain why Trump is bad but why it applies to his whole effen family.

It all started with grandfather Trump, according to Brooks, who came to America and settled in Seattle to open up a restaurant where, “according” to family historian Gwenda Blair, “likely included” a bordello.

Brooks then cites an article from the liberal publication Vice which cites something called Boing Boing which then cites back to the New York Times with a story that grandfather Trump “might” have been a member of the KKK. But with all this circle citing we learn that there was a riot in Queens and grandpa Fred was arrested but released because he was just caught up in chaos.

This allows Brooks to tell us he has all of humanity figured out and that’s not an exaggeration. Brooks is oblivious that he’s taken on more than his pay scale can account for:

Is America headed for a recession?

I repeat this history because I don’t think moral obliviousness is built in a day. It takes generations to hammer ethical considerations out of a person’s mind and to replace them entirely with the ruthless logic of winning and losing; to take the normal human yearning to be good and replace it with a single-minded desire for material conquest; to take the normal human instinct for kindness and replace it with a law-of-the-jungle mentality.

So if you were thinking of not returning someone’s wallet full of money even though you could, don’t feel bad. That’s a decision that took “generations” to “hammer” out of your mind. Keep the money, throw away the rest and blame it on your grandfather. But there’s a logical problem with this (that’s putting it mildly, there are endless problems with Brooks lofty claims); If humans have a normal instinct for kindness and they do something unethical, how is there a “normal instinct for kindness” in the first place?

If you can “hammer” out ethics through — I don’t know, DNA? — Can unethical behavior be hammered out too? Human kindness is instinctive-you didn’t think that helping a stranger change a flat was your decision did you? While bad behavior is hardwired in our genes. It’s science either way and either way the science contradicts itself.

This brings us to Trump Jr. — Brooks writes that in “Donald Trump Jr. we see through the Russia scandal story is not malevolent: He seems to be simply oblivious to the idea that ethical concerns could possibly play a role in everyday life.” Is it any wonder that Don Jr. is even walking the streets and not in an orange jumpsuit?

Brooks fatuous all-humanity-explained-here musings continues with some help: “As William Saletan pointed out in Slate, Don Jr. doesn’t seem to possess the internal qualities necessary to consider the possibility that he could have done anything wrong.” Well, can’t blame Don Jr. for what is after all part of nature. Saletan’s is worth citing for Brooks, not because he helps his thesis (he doesn’t) but because Saletan accuses Don Jr. of being a traitor. That’s nice.


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