Trump Sets Six Month Time Frame For Military To Boot Transgenders

The new rules for transgenders in the military have been laid out and new transgendered recruits are barred from enlisting and the ones already in that are deemed not equipped for the battlefield will be drummed out of the service within the next six months.

The ACLU and others can complain and they could sue, although that would be a waste of effort and money.  The military is exempt from many of the laws against discrimination.  That’s why they were allowed to ban homosexuals for so many years.  The thinking is that national defense should not be an affirmative action program.

Unless I miss my guest, President Trump will end up firing members of the Pentagon and various branches of the military who will push back against the ban.  And if he does, maybe that will stiffen his spine and he will finally get around to booting McMaster and other members of his administration who are diametrically opposed to all the things The Donald campaigned on.

As fervent a fan of the president that I am, I am pretty sick of what is going on in Washington.  Ivanka and Jared need to get the boot too.  We didn’t vote for liberals such as them.  Nothing against them personally but their views and the views of us who voted for President Trump do not align with their leftist views.

The rules that were set down were reasonable.  Anyone who is considered undeployable will be released by the military.  Of course that means the ban will not be absolute.  Some will be able to remain in the service, providing they don’t play dress up while on duty.  Those who insist it is their right, will be immediately discharged.

Opponents who point out that polls show that 60% of the American people believe transgenders should be allowed to serve, but let me remind you that if their polls were actually genuine, this would be a decision made by President Hillary.

According to the UK Daily Mail:

 The policy, which gives the Pentagon six months to oust transgender service members and places a ban on new transgender hires, has met resistance from transgender representatives.

‘Transgender people are just as deployable as other service members,’ said Sue Fulton, the former president of Sparta, a military organization for LGBT people that advocates for open service.

‘Other service members may undergo procedures when they are at home base, just as other service members schedule shoulder surgery or gall bladder surgery,’ added Fulton, who achieved the rank of captain in the army, and is not transgender.

She said that there are no ‘ongoing treatments’ that would render transgender soldiers, sailors and pilots non-deployable.

‘Thus there’s no difference between the deployability of transgender service members’ and that of others, she said.

A Rand Corp study commissioned last year estimated that there were between 1,320 and 6,000 transgender people openly serving in the military.

Advocacy groups put the figure for those on active duty at 7,000 and total figures across all areas of the military at 11,000.

Using the same logic liberals do when they ban American flags is that if it makes one person uncomfortable or worried about their safety, it must be outlawed.  This ban should be a no-brainer, but unfortunately most liberals are also no-brainers.  Face it, our soldiers have enough to worry about on the battlefield.


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