Trump Plans Crackdown on Illegal Immigrants Smuggling Their Children Into U.S.

The Trump administration is allegedly planning to target illegal aliens who smuggled their children into the country, according to a report at the the New York Times.  Under Obama this was a popular thing to do.

The children would lie about how long they had been in the country to achieve Dreamer status and then the parents would get to remain under Obama’s illegal amnesty scheme, known as DACA.  Possibly, President Trump senses that voters will throw Republicans out of office for lying to them every election and he wants to prevent creating a whole new crop of Dreamers.

From Breitbart News:

 In a report, the New York Times reveals that new initiatives at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will focus primarily on deporting parents with previous records of removal and illegal re-entry after smuggling their children into the U.S.:

As part of a new round of immigration sweeps, officials are targeting parents or other relatives who were deported, re-entered the United States and then had their children smuggled across the border. Legal experts say cases of illegal re-entry are faster and easier to prove than a smuggling charge.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said it was common for parents or family members in the United States to make illegal payments to smugglers to arrange for children to be brought to the border, where they turn themselves in and are often eventually handed over to their relatives. Tens of thousands of women and children have arrived at the border in the last three years, beginning with a surge of arrivals in the summer of 2014, many seeking refuge from gang violence and extreme poverty in Central America.

ICE officials told the Times that the program is meant as a deterrent:

 “The risks associated with smuggling children into the U.S. present a constant humanitarian threat. The sponsors who have placed children directly into harm’s way by entrusting them to violent criminal organizations will be held accountable for their role in these conspiracies.”

According to the Charlotte Observer:

The Trump administration has begun a new surge of immigration enforcement targeting parents who have paid to have their children illegally brought to the United States.

The recent arrests, which had been largely rumored but not confirmed until now, have set off a new wave of confusion and fear through immigrant communities that have already been subject to greater enforcement.

 U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents have begun sharing information with immigration agents about U.S.-based relatives of unaccompanied children. The information is being used to track down the parents, according to lawyers and government case workers familiar with the practice.
Breitbart News spoke to a human trafficker who told them smuggling people would be much tougher if a wall is built:

As President Trump’s administration has yet to begin construction of a border wall, a human smuggler interviewed in Arizona by USA Today said that a physical barrier would make it incredibly difficult for illegal aliens to get across.

“Right now, I can’t imagine exactly how [a wall would be built] but I can tell you that it would be a lot harder if they build that wall,” the smuggler, identified as “Alexis” told the paper. “Really, because it’s already hard with the fence we have now.”

“It’s difficult because, to start, not just any ordinary person who decides they want to scale it can do it,” Alexis continued. “It requires skill to get up there. And to get down, oh man, one of two things can happen. You jump and if you’re athletic you can land OK, but if you’re not you can break a foot.”

Wow.  This is odd.  I don’t remember CNN, NBC or the New York Times mentioning any of this.


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