ObamaCare…the gift that keeps on giving

no to government healthcareObamaCare…we cannot allow the media to sweep this nightmare under the rug like they do with so many other things for this is one nightmare that needs to remain in the public’s consciousness. Ignoring it will allow Obama and his minions to continue to perpetrate the LIE about how wonderful it will all be when ObamaCare is fully implemented…and the sheeple and uninformed will lap it up like a dog laps up water on a hot day. But the simple truth is that it will only get worse because the government has NO business dictating the healthcare of its citizenry…period.

So with that let’s cut to the chase and lay out the bottom line truth for all to see…ObamaCare was designed to fail so that Barack HUSSEIN Obama could then get what he’s always wanted…a single-payer form of healthcare that goes beyond mere socialized medicine. In other words nationalized medicine….as in Medicaid for everyone…with the government calling all the shots…and with the government getting the money to sustain it all through more taxes.

As in stick it to ‘We the People’ yet again.

Under a single-payer system ‘death panels’ would take on a life of their own as they became the new norm…you are older…you get sick…you die. It is that simple. And never mind if you have something that can be cured…your age makes you a liability that puts a drain on the funding so it’s bye-bye. And rest assured that age cut-off will NOT be 75 or 80 but could possibly be as young as 55…scary, huh.

Ever since ObamaCare officially reared its ugly head with the roll out of its non-working website on October 1st, more people are now uninsured than ever before…with almost six million Americans who were happy with their healthcare coverage having now lost those policies as they’ve been cancelled from said policies simply because Obama said they were NO good. Think about that for a minute…a ‘community organizer’ from Chicago who has absolutely NO medical knowledge whatsoever has now decided what constitutes good medical care and coverage and what does NOT.

And remember, with Obama and his minions everything they do is all about securing future Democratic voters and totally tying Americans to the hand that feeds them…or in this case to the hand that treats them when they get sick. Wanting to create generations tied to the government teat is the whole concept behind ObamaCare and don’t for a minute think it’s anything else…because it’s NOT.

Simple fact, the very foundation upon which ObamaCare was concocted is shaky at best for while it’s true that tens of millions of Americans were indeed without health insurance before ObamaCare that did NOT stop anyone…including those here ILLEGALLY…from walking into any emergency room in this country when needed, for in America NO matter your financial ability to pay you CANNOT be turned away from emergency room treatment.

And one has to laugh at the ludicrousness of it all as last week Kathleen Sebelius…the very person who had the responsibility for implementing ObamaCare and getting it right….bloviatied before Congress that to date 365,00 people have signed up for ObamaCare through either the state or federal exchanges…a number she claims makes ObamaCare a undeniable success. But what she did NOT say was that there were states that saw almost as many people lose their insurance because of ObamaCare as sign up for ObamaCare. In other words a breaking even at best…a probable decline in the numbers covered at worst.

And while we know that Congress tends to over-inflate numbers a bit (that puts it mildly), according to the Congressional Budget Office Report (CBO) issued in the weeks before ObamaCare was officially launched, there were about 53 million uninsured persons in the United States, including uninsured ILLEGAL aliens (but let’s be honest here…who gives a damn about the ILLEGALS as in the very word ILLEGAL means breaking the law). The CBO report also projected that in 2022…a mere eight years from now…30 million people…most of whom will NOT be elderly…will still be uninsured, and that includes eight percent of legal US citizens or residents. This means that 22 percent of those uninsured will most likely be ILLEGALS with that number growing, because as of now they keep coming and coming as our borders are still NOT secure you know.

And we have Obama to thank for that one too.

So again…let them go to the emergency room…whoops…how could I forget that if they keep doing that it means that once again ‘We the People’ will be footing the bill for those here ILLEGALLY… deep disgusted sigh for I know that there are NO true winners with ObamaCare nor was it designed to create any winners amongst real Americans, for like I said before ObamaCare was created to assure government control of health care and for that reason alone.

And now think about this so NOT happy thought…come January 1st there will be fewer Americans with health insurance than there will be on December 31st…and that is the harsh reality of the ramifications of Obamacare. And if a sizable number of the millions who had their insurance cancelled simply refuse to re-enroll…which many are indeed doing or should I say NOT doing…you can safely assume that many of those refusing will be the young and healthy…the oh so needed demographic that ObamaCare needs to remain financially viable if NOT outright operational.

And then what happens when the insurance pools become filled only with the sick and elderly which would likely be the case…what happens is premiums would hit the roof even more than they already have on the plans offered on the exchanges today…with some plans seeing premiums doubling or even tripling in some cases.

The solution to the ‘supposed’ healthcare crisis of ‘supposedly’ many being uninsured would have really been quite simple if Obama had truly wanted to help those uninsured…all he had to do was set-up an ‘exchange’ where those uninsured people alone could purchase…YES purchase NOT get a free ride via Medicaid…truly affordable insurance with the coverage needed. There was NO need for Barack HUSSEIN Obama to screw up what was already successfully in place for the majority just to accommodate the few.

So what was the point of ObamaCare when there was NO medical necessity, urgency, or crisis to justify ObamaCare whatsoever, because as I mentioned before NO one is turned away from an emergency room, and the vast majority of those already insured were happy with the plans they already had. When all the bravado and bloviations spewed out by the Obama loyalists is stripped away what remains is that ObamaCare is all about control. It’s all about yet another Obama power grab…about having all encompassing control over every aspect of our personal lives. And medical care is about as personal as anything can get. With it’s power grab and control ObamaCare sounds a lot like islam doesn’t it…where a political system (and islam is NOTHING but a political system mind you) wraps its tentacles around the individual until it…especially in the case of ObamaCare’s ‘death panels’…literally squeezes the life out of you. But hey, with a muslim in the White House ObamaCare fits that islamic ideology perfectly.

So once again it’s ‘We the People’ getting screwed by both Barack HUSSEIN Obama and by each and every member of Congress who passed this abomination of a bill before they bothered to read it.

All I can say is hurry up November 2014.

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