Trump demands Fox News drop Megyn Kelly from debate, Fox refuses

trump-kellyOn Saturday, GOP front-runner Donald Trump demanded that Fox News drop Megyn Kelly from the next debate, claiming a conflict of interest.

Fox News, however, rejected Trump’s demand, saying there is no conflict of interest.

The Hill reported:

“Megyn Kelly has no conflict of interest,” Fox said in the statement. “Donald Trump is just trying to build up the audience for Thursday’s debate, for which we thank him.”

Trump has continually attacked Kelly since early August, when the two clashed during a Fox News debate after Trump accused Kelly of asking unfair questions.

A post at The Right Scoop says that Trump probably thought he could get another win after the National Review was dropped from the debate for their issue critical of him.  He was wrong, however.

“So what will he do now?” The Right Scoop asked.  “His vaunted reputation as the master negotiator is on the line. Will he threaten to quit the debate, or will he just downplay the rejection?”

One person asked:

Another person asked:

Another critic wondered:

Many of those responding to Trump’s tweet were supportive of his call to have her removed from the debate.

The running feud started last August when Kelly and Fox News came under fire for her performance during the first GOP debate.  Thousands signed a petition to keep her out of future debates.

The next debate is set to take place Thursday on Fox, just before the Iowa caucuses.