Trey Gowdy Took Hillary Apart on Relationship With Sidney Blumenthal

t gowdyI thought that Rep. Jim Jordan completely ate Hillary’s lunch but when Trey Gowdy took his turn, he so decimated Hillary that Elijah Cummings and Adam Schiff tried coming to her rescue.  Gowdy slapped them both down and then told them if they didn’t like his questions for Hillary before the lunch, wait till after the break.  Watching Gowdy, it was obvious why he never lost a case as a prosecutor.  He was informed and prepared.  He concentrated on Sidney Blumenthal.

One thing he was curious about was why Sidney Blumenthal had unfettered access, but Ambassador Stevens didn’t.  She said that all security requests went to her aides and were then taken up by security professionals.  Let’s take her at her word, because there is no evidence at all that would contradict that fact.  The problem I have is there were 20 separate attacks on the Benghazi compound, but she never looked at the security there.  Hillary and the Democrats kept bringing up the ARB (Accountability Review Board).  Gowdy pointed to a previous ARB that was done after the attack in Tanzania, pointed out that the Secretary of State had to personally check on security in all of our embassies.

Hillary changed one of her original talking points.  Her first explanation was that the emails were totally unsolicited.  After Gowdy read off over half a dozen emails between the two that showed Hillary did ask for information from Blumenthal.  She promptly changed her explanation to say that they were unsolicited………….at first.  (Tell me what you know and I’ll tell you what I did.  This is an old Clinton reaction)

Gowdy produced an email from Hillary to Huma Abedin that instructed her to remove all identifiers referring to Blumenthal before she forwarded them to intelligence, the Pentagon and the White House.  He suggested that she did that because he had no credibility on Libya.  He’d never been there, had never worked on intelligence there, but did have business interests that would only pay off if the US deposed Gaddafi.

Blumenthal’s emails had profane and harsh words for members of the Obama administration that opposed (correctly) toppling Gaddafi, arguing that such a move would leave a vacuum that could be filled with undesirables.

Gowdy also asked why over 600 requests for more security didn’t make it to her desk but a request for gas, diesel, milk and other staples for the Libyan people had made its way to her desk and was answered in less than four minutes.

The final point Gowdy made that as the Benghazi compound was attacked, Stevens requested more security but Sullivan sent him a Blumenthal email that requested that Stevens vet the email and Victoria Nuland sent Stevens an email asking him to help her come up with spin to make it look like Libya wasn’t falling apart.  Bizarre at best.


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