Treason!! Obama’s Iran Deal Allows Iran to Hit us With Nukes

benarnoldObama’s political life has been successful because not enough people examines what he has done.  If you do look at what he has done, it could scare you to death and make you firmly believe he really wants the destruction of our country.

In his negotiations with Iran, one of the lines in the sand is that the Ballistic Missile (ICBM…Inter Continental Ballistic Missile)  sanctions would remain in place.  Then one month ago, the White House said through Wendy Sherman, Under Secretary for Political Affairs:

“It is true that in these first six months we’ve not shut down all of their production of any ballistic missile that could have anything to do with delivery of a nuclear weapon.  But that is indeed going to be part of something that has to be addressed as part of a comprehensive agreement.”

The final agreement allows Iran to buy or build ballistic missiles.  Russia has already agreed to sell ballistic missiles to Iran and Iran has already tested a missile under the guise of a space launch.

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