Traitor Chelsea Manning gives beauty tips for Yahoo

It doesn’t get any more nutso than this. Hold on. I just learned ESPN wouldn’t let an Asian broadcast a college football game in Virginia because his name is Robert Lee. I can’t keep up with the lunacy. So I guess second place lunatic event occurred when Yahoo Beauty sought out Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning, to give beauty tips because sHE’s so good looking.

If you don’t know Chelsea Manning, she was a male soldier convicted of treason in a court martial and given a life sentence. In a past lunatic event President (swell guy) Obama let the traitor out because he had the courage to have a sex change, hence “Chelsea,” hence his (now “her”) freedom. The traitor writes in Yahoo:

When President Trump announced the transgender military ban, I happened to be 10 blocks from the White House. There was a spontaneous protest going on, and before going I spent a split second considering what I was wearing — all-black clothing, Doc Martens, women’s pants from 5.11 Tactical — and if I should change…But I realized I don’t have to dress a certain way, I can just be me.

If that were true why was it necessary to change genders? All of a sudden the traitor realized that “Doc Martens” don’t matter, women’s pants don’t matter and that traitor could “just be me?”

I thought the whole point of changing genders was to wear the clothing, essentially, is there anything else to it? Traitor can’t give birth or experience menopause or other things associated with being a women, okay, what? Clothing is all there is. Well how about wearing a Benedict Arnold suit or better yet, see what Ethel Rosenberg wore when she was executed and wear that?

Traitor Manning went on about make-up and “style.” It’s a beauty publication after all. Not enough beautiful women in the world to give make-up and beauty tips and so they picked a traitor that looks like someone you’d avoid in a subway on Halloween. I’m not going to blame the traitor for this lunacy, Yahoo bears all the responsibility for this outrage.

Would they have published the traitor’s piece if the traitor weren’t let out of jail because of Obama and the whole politically correct aura of transgender politics? Country doesn’t matter, neither does beauty. What is the point? Politics?

Anyone contemptuous of America is now a celebrity darling for the popular media. Whether it’s Colin Kaepernick or Traitor Manning, if they hate the country and do something out of some contorted connection of race and gender grievances, that makes them serious people and they should be given a “platform” no matter how much absurdity they can fit in a paragraph. Why isn’t betrayal of country not important while having a sex change is? The editors have it in their mind that giving a traitor a platform is just a fine thing to do and their readers are of the same mindset.

Kaepernick is crying racism because he can’t get a job in an organization that is 70% his race. He’s already a millionaire playing for that organization. He sits during the National Anthem in a show of blatant disrespect but it’s okay because of some imagined race grievance as though there were a connection between the two when there isn’t. But he’s exercising his “rights” which is akin to protesting oxygen while breathing.

He feels he should get away with it and if he doesn’t, that’s racism. No, that’s lunacy. He doesn’t know it because the media enables him. Count on Kaepernick and Manning being portrayed as the morally superior and courageous individuals of our time.


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Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad – Source: Author (used with permission)

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