Top 10 Indoctrinations Of Communism Taking Place In America Right Now

(Natural News) Nary a single Democrat in the USA can see it. To them, it’s just one big conspiracy theory. How could America possibly become a communist country, and how is it already transforming, with their voluntary (brainwashed) help, into one? Take a good look at communist theories and principles, and any laymen can see, without a doubt, that the US government is attempting to control 100 percent of all means of wealth, resources, media, and healthcare, in an attempt to make the nation classless and stateless. Pay close attention, and you will see the forest for the trees. Here are the three key phases.

Phase 1: Overthrow the US Government with Fixed Elections

The Democrats overthrew the election system by cheating from every angle, using the plandemic as a scapegoat for mail-in ballots, unguarded polls and drop boxes, and delayed “findings” of millions of “lost” ballots. This was the “revolution” to overthrow the existing government (Trump, the constitutionalists, and conservatives), and emphasize the need for total destruction of the existing system in order to move on to phase 2 (end of all fossil fuel use, more plandemics, and total crash of US economy).

Phase 2: A dictator or elite leaders gain absolute control over the working class

The new government, the CCP-led Democrats (who report to Obama, Soros, and other globalists) exert absolute control over the common citizen’s personal choices, as we see with the forced Covid-vaccination and mask-wearing agenda, banning of fossil fuels, persecution and denouncement of all religion, and the adulteration of education in the name of gender fluidity and child-grooming perversions.

Phase 3: The purposely elusive end goal of “utopia”

The only utopia ever achieved under a communist regime is the absolute wealth control by the elite, who guarantee they never have to work again or report to a different regime. This wealth and power is all about greed, immorality, perversions, child trafficking, war, destruction, and relentless persecution of any opposition. In a Marxist “utopia,” there are only two real classes of people, the elite and the destitute, with zero possibility that any middle-class citizens rise to the top.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The Marxist Biden Regime is currently “installing” the key tenets of communism, and only the Democrats can’t see it happening

Yes, the GOP knows it’s happening, but they are “all in” with their investments in the military industrial complex and the pharma industrial complex, so they don’t care. Because Trump was NOT a massive embezzler of US taxpayer funds, most politicians absolutely despise him. That is another reason the CCP-led Biden Regime wants Trump jailed for life.

We are now seeing the essential tenets of communism being installed against the people’s will in America, and it won’t take much longer to accomplish this end game. Remember, socialism is just the introduction of communism. Socialism advocates the state’s ownership of land, industry and capital.

Top 10 Communist Indoctrinations taking place now in America

#1. Wear your Covid mask 24/7/365, so you have no unique identit.y, no personality, no facial expressions (just a bunch of moronic, tax-paying clones).

#2. Wear your Covid mask at all times, so your human-to-human live communication is significantly impaired, and thus limited. (Big Brother doesn’t want the peons colluding and figuring out how badly they’re being screwed.)

#3. Be a pervert who thinks about sex, sexual identity, sexual partners, gender changes, pornography, and grooming all day, that way you’re NOT thinking about anything that matters to the government’s police-state control over you.

#4. Be very afraid of those in power, so you never challenge the sick care model of forced-medication doled out in the form of vaccination, or the fake elections (that’s why the January 6’ers are still locked up, and soon Trump).

#5. Only the government should have guns, citizens don’t really need them.

#6. If you don’t love illegal immigration, then you hate all immigrants, people of color, gay people, etc.

#7. The government needs all of your money to pay for roads, schools, national security, and hospitals to keep the all sick humans alive.

#8. Our country must bomb, invade, and militarily occupy other countries in order to install democracy, manage their resources, and keep peace around the globe, oh… and taxpayers must foot the bill.

#9. All TV news is real because it’s a direct message from the government who is always looking out for your best interests.

#10. Entertainment, travel, and dining out are ultra-expensive now because it is for the elite (another way the middle class is being wiped out).

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