Tomi Lahren slams liberals for defending ‘Rapeugees’

Tomi Lahren calls 'em like she sees 'em. (Youtube)
Tomi Lahren calls ’em like she sees ’em. (Youtube)

Tomi Lehren has been described a number of different ways; a breath of fresh air to the conservative blogosphere, a fearless truth teller long overdue within the conservative blogosphere, arguably the most lusted after personality inhabiting the conservative blogosphere. They all work.

The 24-year-old South Dakota-born ingénue who pronounces her first name “Tommy” has won the hearts of millions by way of her internet clips that typically hammer away at Leftist stupidity with her brand of Midwestern common sense.

And the fact that the commentator of German-Norwegian lineage just so happens to be easy on the eyes certainly doesn’t hurt.

True to form, Lahren dumped on the limousine liberals of Hollywood in a way that only the transplant to San Diego could.

As (partially) reported by Great Britain’s screamingly liberal The Independent;

Facebook star and right-wing commentator Tomi Lahren said celebrities should not talk about the humanitarian crisis surrounding refugees because the Hollywood elite would not end up with “rapeugees” in their own back yard.

Tomi the Red. (Instagram)
Tomi the Red. (Instagram)

During a conversation with fellow right-wing commentator Graham Allen on online television show The Blaze, Ms Lahren questioned why celebrities did not talk about veterans as much as they talk about refugees.

She also questioned celebrities’ right to talk about an issue that, she said, may not directly impact their own lives.”They will never have refugees or rapeugees in their back yard,” she said. ”I don’t think they’re going to pump refugees into Beverly Hills.”

“They will never be near one but it’s easy for them to stand on a stage and talk about [the issue],” she added. “That’s incredibly frustrating to me.”

California is home to several sanctuary cities that grant certain rights to undocumented migrants and which are at risk of losing federal funding after Mr Trump’s election.

Mr Allen said on The Blaze that it should be “America first”, a phrase used by President Trump at his Inauguration ceremony, and he added that a conversation about military veterans should not include a discussion about refugees.

Pistol packin' Tomi. (Facebook)
Pistol packin’ Tomi. (Facebook)

Ms Lahren’s Facebook video, which has been seen more than 700,000 times, follows a series of executive orders signed by the President, which ban immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries and aim to crack down on illegal immigrants, drug cartels and violent crime – despite data showing that violent crime is on the decline over the last few decades. “They [transnational criminal organisations] have been known to commit brutal murders, rapes, and other barbaric acts,” one of the orders read.

“Look at Europe, look at the example they have provided for us,” said Ms Lahren in the video. “Look what happens, when you welcome Tom, Dick, Harry and Mohammed. That is what happens. They are dealing with the repercussions of that right now.”

Click here for video.

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