Think Progress editor: ‘I hope Roger Ailes dies slow, painful, and soon’

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ailesI’ve said it many times — liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.  Liberals prove me right every single day.

On Thursday, Alan Pyke, the Deputy Economic Policy Editor for Think Progress, expressed a desire to see Roger Ailes die.  Pyke, by the way, describes himself on Twitter as “reflexively assholish.”  At least he got that part right…



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Pyke later deleted the tweet and apologized:

Charlie Spiering said Pyke posted the hateful message “after he saw how Fox was covering the protests in Ferguson, Missouri in response to the shooting death of Michael Brown.”

Whatever.  Personally, I’m getting sick and damn tired of these hatemongers on the left reflexively responding with hate and calls for death.  If they can’t act like human beings, and express an opinion without going into the gutter or wishing for death, then perhaps they should simply shut the hell up.

More and more, I’m convinced liberal jerks like Pyke really do want a second, bloody civil war in America.



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