The Underlying Rage of Americans

If you haven’t had a reaction to the news over the last 10 months, you’re in a coma or something. Parents are angry over schools destroying their children’s health and minds. Legislators are angry over the Democrats destroying America from the inside out. Tensions are so thick you an cut them with a butter knife. There is a seething rage that is building in this nation and unless someone finds a way to let the steam out, there will be hell to pay. And Democrats will pay it. The following examples are just the preliminary rumblings of rage:

Dr Frankestein Fauci

Let’s be blunt: I can’t stomach Anthony Fauci in the first place. He is evil to the max and has always been. But when news broke of the disgusting experiments on animals funded in part by his NIH, it sent me into orbit. His NIH (there is nothing even remotely connected to health at that organization. They are ghouls, plain and simple) partially funded experiments that infected beagle puppies with a parasite then clamped their heads in a cage and let set loose hunger flies to eat the puppies alive. Then there were the experiments with monkeys that deliberately sucked their brains out or destroyed them with acid to infect them with fear. Dr Mengele would have been proud. But such experiments are just one reason why people hate Fauci’s guts even more than they did before. The rage has exceeded him just being a liar.

Masking children without parental consent

Word came this last week of a down syndrome girl who can’t speak being forcibly masked. She has to breathe through her mouth – the mask was forced on her for several weeks before the parents found out. Whoever did that at her school could easily have killed her. And the disgusting part is- they probably wanted to. She was disabled, you know. Does that bring rage? It does to anyone who is a parent and loves their children.

Screenshot via Clash Daily

Children have had masks taped over their noses or even forcing an asthma child to breath through a mask – which can be deadly. But the overlords didn’t care.

Which brings to mind the whole Covid BS. Covid is real. But it should be a personal choice whether to take the vaccine – especially since if you’ve had it, your antibodies are great for at least a year, according to research. Instead, the all powerful overlords who run the puppet president have decreed that you are unworthy of a job or a paycheck if you refuse their wishes. It has created two levels of society – the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. And it is destroying our country.

Free Speech Destroyed

Then there is the fact that people are being censored right and left over anything the overlords don’t like. And primarily it’s Conservatives who usually get the hammer. Whether it’s YouTube kicking off a music artist because he did a hip-hop song called “Let’s Go Brandon” (the parody of F*** Joe Biden) or Twitter accounts for everyone from Donald Trump to Candace Owens…thin-skinned Liberals and their Democrats will do anything to keep their elite status and silence the opposition.

Parents and others being called domestic terrorists by lying liberals

Then there’s Garland Merrick, Mr do-what-i say-not-what-I do Attorney General. He has family ties to the CRT issue, and should be fired after his memo to the DOJ telling them to investigate parents. In fact, the whole DOJ should be fired for being one of the biggest swamps in DC. Merrick has openly refused to be subjected to an ethics review.

Open Borders

The sight of untested, probably infected migrants pouring over our Southern Border is infuriating. Even our legislators are p****d. Going from a relatively handled immigration situation under Trump to a totally out of control mess under Butthead Biden is enough to enrage a herd of elephants. And the Biden administration is looking for a way to dump the Remain In Mexico policy after the courts ruled they had to reinstate it. They do not plan to do that for long. All of this with a new, huge migrant caravan headed this way.

Regulations and control

We wonder why there’s a supply chain problem. We wonder why shelves are empty. Ask Newsom why his left wing legislature passed AB 5 which drove a lot of truckers out of business. Now Florida is telling truckers to come there. They’re also telling police officers fired over the vaccine mandates to come there. Newsom and his ilk can make excuses, and pretend to rectify the problem with worthless rhetoric, but the fact is it’s their own fault and unless we ALL hold them accountable it will only get worse.


The rage is building, America, whether you want to hear that or not. It’s not just me, it’s everywhere. Do you know that when enough magma builds up under a volcano, the earthquakes begin, and eventually the mountain blows its top? We are in the midst of an earthquake swarm the likes of which we have ever seen before. Beware when the volcano erupts. It’ll make Mt St Helens look like a picnic.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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