The Trump Haters Know No Bounds: 3 Potential Scenarios

Who really cared about Jeffrey Epstein? He was, above all, a bipartisan pedophilic blackmailer, and his client lists are, and shall remain, buried in the deepest vaults of the Uniparty.

Among the powerful elite of both parties, Epstein’s awkward passing was clucked about all around D.C., with great indignation, loudly, as to drown out a communal sigh of relief. A finding of suicide, no matter how absurdly improbable, was broadly proclaimed to be a certainty.

But, while the brand of bipartisanship found among established Republicans in Washington (defined as we-pretend-to-compromise-while-you-win) cannot embrace Donald Trump any more than the Democrats can, there is a striking difference in the sympathies and admiration attached to the person of our former president, as opposed to the late Mr. Epstein. Again, who really cared about Epstein? But more than half of the American people have placed what very much seems the last of their hopes in Mr. Trump.

With every new crime openly put on display by this administration, consider the premise being painted across the vast hypnotic screen of the propagandists: “We’re not playing; we’re deadly serious.” Several points of speculation might bring light on the meaning of the indictment and charges brought against Trump this week.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Speculation 1: Tar the candidate.

This is the opening salvo of a multi-pronged lawfare campaign. If these parking-ticket-level “offenses” are to be the new standard for Democrat prosecutions, then we can expect the name of Donald Trump to be showing up on any number of dockets ’round the blue states of the nation. The tentative calculus here must be for the communists to watch and see if the algorithm of echoing blind accusations and actual pending charges can be safely deemed sufficient to sink Trump’s presidential candidacy.

Speculation 2: Bury the candidate.

But if not … When the backfiring effect of this plan arouses the nation’s perception of Trump’s heroic martyrdom and his poll numbers hit 60%, we have every right, even every duty, to prepare for the day of the assassins. The battle is boiling down to the division of the godly from the godless, who, in the end, can be trusted to act without a shred of moral hesitation. Sort through the recorded lists of the purported “Arkicides” associated with the Clinton Syndicate, and pause a moment to wonder, “Are these really just a string of coincidences, cooked up by some feckless fool on the loony fringe, or, is there more to see here than we might really care to see?”

Speculation 3: Abolish the nation.

Some of us poor pessimists keep thinking, “This could be our last election.” Even every movement of the paranoids is now available to be temporally and spatially monitored. We know where you are, when you are there. The Planned Epidemic proved successful in measuring the American citizenry’s massive willingness to submit to federal dictates, based upon spectacular lies. The J6 Reichstag fire was aimed at letting you all know that the feds can make bucking the narrative an act of terrorism, and making you tremble. The escalating outrages by the Biden group are straight-out destructive on one hand, and an invitation to counter-revolutionary conservative violence – which, if big enough, could be answered with martial law. As Dear Leader Joe said, “What good are your AR-15s when we’ve got F-35s?” Justin Trudeau gave us a shout out from up North, to the effect, “Watch what happens when we seize their bank accounts.”

Here is the point: The one-time mere scribblings of conspiracy theory are rising up from the paper, taking on a 3-D character, discernible by all unbroken observers, so that the What If and How are being replaced by the Who and When. A communist revolution is taking place in America, as we watch, whose primary aim is our destruction, to the gain of Joe’s Red China masters, with footnotes in the plan book for our future enslavement and liquidation.

The lawlessness of the present regime has passed the point of no return. Crooked Hillary was heard to voice a fear, in 2016, of going to jail. She didn’t, but she should have. Should the forces of MAGA gain real control, next time around, Donald Trump promises to “be the Retribution.” He honored tradition and let slide the crimes of the administration prior to his, in the trial run of the Great American Reformation. He will not make that mistake again. Which sets him apart, by magnitudes, from the other possible candidates.

The joint enterprise of the communists and the One World Conspirators cannot risk another term of Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Period. Thank God, they’re more terrified than we are.

But they’re shuffling through a very fat file of well-considered contingency plans, so many unpleasant surprises – and who could see them coming?

Lord Jesus, come quickly. But let us stay awake in the meanest of times.

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