The Ten Commandments Under Fire: Logic Meets Lunacy

A group of atheists have decided among themselves to go to war with something that they profess doesn’t exist.

Wait. What? This is the way my brain works so just go with it.

Doesn’t being an atheist mean that you do not acknowledge the existence of God? So, if you’re an atheist, you don’t believe in God. Check. Then if God doesn’t exist, he can’t have writings, teachings, and words. Check. So that must mean that the Bible is nothing more than the writings of man. Check. Are you currently opposing the posting of any other of man’s writings in public places? No, actually, you defend all of that stuff as free speech.

I read a James Patterson novel a while back that I wasn’t crazy about. Should I sue him to keep that novel out of bookstores? Furthermore, I’ve never met James Patterson so does he really exist? Maybe I will denounce his existence altogether and try to keep millions of people from reading his novels.

Do I sound crazy yet?

DISCLAIMER: I have read some of Patterson’s novels and did like a couple of them. He does exist and is a wildly popular and gifted novelist. No James Pattersons were harmed during the writing of this article.

Let’s introduce a bit of logic here. So, if I read one of Patterson’s novels and didn’t care for it, why don’t I just get rid of the book and vow to not read it again? That sounds logical. I have the right to read his work or to not read his work. It’s my opinion, you may disagree, who cares, life goes on. Yada yada yada.

This logic is not so with American Atheists, Incorporated, according to Charlie Butts over at OneNewsNow.com. According to Butts, American Atheists, Incorporated has filed suit to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments next to a courthouse citing, “unconstitutional entanglement of government with religion.”

But wait. If God doesn’t exist, then the worship of God is bogus and the Ten Commandments are just the words of some guy back in history. Why, then, devote time, money, and effort to remove something that you don’t believe exists anyway? And why not do what I mentioned about the novel and simply don’t read the monument?

I’ll tell you why. Oh, and I will reference the Bible here because I believe it’s true. Way back in John 15:18-25, you can read where Jesus himself said, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” These attacks on religion aren’t attacks on religion at all. They’re attacks specifically on Christianity.

Let me point you back to something I wrote in January as exhibit A: Peaceful Christians Most Persecuted Group for Second Year.

This is nothing new. Christians are persecuted. Christians are hated.

Christianity, the faith that brings you, “love your neighbor as yourself.” Christianity, the faith that says, “greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his friends.” Christianity, the faith that says, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” Tolerant Christianity, the faith that says, “whosoever will may come.” THAT Christianity is the most hated and most persecuted faith on planet earth. Why?

Because the people persecuting them hate Jesus Christ. Plain and simple. They don’t doubt his existence—they simply hate him. Don’t let them tell you that they don’t believe God exists. By continuing their relentless attack of all things Christian, their own actions prove that they believe God exists.

Do they bemoan those who look for Bigfoot? Do they sue those who believe in UFO’s? Do they erect their own monuments to belittle those who search after the paranormal?

I thought not.

For those of us who are Christians, the rest of Charlie Butts’ article brings a bit of good news. Christian legal organization, Liberty Counsel, is taking action to put an end to the lawsuit and counter the group’s other anti-Christian proposals.

The Christian faith is under fire. No surprise there. The Bible tells us that this will be the case because the world hates the founder of our faith. But take heart because the Bible also says that this same hated Jesus has overcome the world.


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