The Complete Guide on Carly Fiorina…Part Two

carly-fiorinaThis is the second part in my series on Carly Fiorina, the preferred candidate of the liberals.  The liberal media and talk show hosts will be promoting her the same way they did Dole, McCain and Romney — at least throughout the primary.

Please read each installment and share them with all your friends.  We don’t want another 2008 or 2012 and we definitely don’t want another President Clinton.

EDUCATION:  Here is a quote from Carly that although it sounds mostly good, she wants to fix Common Core rather than replace it.  She also states that more money doesn’t mean a better education:

“America’s future prosperity requires that changes be made to Common Core. The facts are pretty clear, the bigger our education department becomes, the worse our public education becomes. There’s no connection between spending more money in our nation’s capital and a better school system.”

[Editor’s note: If you’re not familiar with Common Core, you can catch some of my coverage of it here.]

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