The blame game…and ‘We the People’ are the losers

Clueless…totally clueless…don’t you just love how some people NEVER see themselves as the cause of or involved in anything..as in ‘who me’…NO way.

And that cluelessness becomes outright dangerous when that clueless person is Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the supposed leader of the free world.

Some cases in point in ‘Obamaspeak’:

• The Arab Spring turned Arab Winter…it’s NOT my fault those countries want my brethren in power (pssst…here guys more taxpayer dollars and weapons but shhhhhhh…don’t say a word)

• Benghazi…it was the CIA’s and the DOD’s fault that four Americans died
• The AP scandal…it’s their own fault for daring to write something bad about me… forgetting their place is to promote me and my agenda and NOTHING else
• The IRS scandal…it’s Conservative and TEA Party groups fault for wanting to promote God, county, family, and the 2nd Amendment…and using that awful word ‘patriot’ in their names
• The NSA scandal…you Americans have to be monitored for your own good you know
• The economy…but I have to give ‘the sponges’ free stuff so they will support me and my party
• Iran on the road to become nuclear…they’re my brethren so it’s only fair
• Stabbing Israel in the back…it’s the Jews fault for denying my Palestinian peeps a homeland…hell…everything is the Jews fault…as my brethren say

And dare we forget… Obama blames Bush, Congress, Bush, budget cuts, Bush, Republicans, Bush, Syria’s dictator, Bush, and any and everyone else for the oh so shaky scandal laden start to his second term.

So as Obama and his minions claim that each scandal is just an isolated NO big deal incident…just a few bumps in Obama’s otherwise stellar road to greatness (gag)…they try their damnedest to play-down scandal after scandal as more pop up it seems every day, and they do so while taking potshots at Republicans each and every chance they get.

Potshots like Obama saying…or at least thinking…

The bad Republicans want to know why I gave…ooops…I mean who gave the order to ‘stand down’ in Benghazi (and stand down it was NOT they were told to go to the airport). The bad Republicans don’t want to give my sheeple anymore free stuff…hell…they even want my sheeple to work for their stuff just like they do…imagine that. The bad Republicans like to play with ‘bad guns’ so they voted down my wanting to take them away.

The bad Republicans want the borders sealed…but how then will future Democratic voters get in (so I can give them all that free stuff to buy their votes). The bad Republicans want me to stop spending their taxpayer dollars like a drunken sailor and actually want me to make a workable budget…like that will ever happen…and especially to stop sending their money to those out to kill them…as in to kill ‘them’ NOT kill me because I’m one of them.

The bad Republicans actually expect me to govern by the law of the Constitution…but like I told Russian President Medvedev at the APEC Summit in Singapore, “It doesn’t matter since for all intent and purposes the US Constitution is dead” so that ain’t gonna happen.

And the bad Republicans hate me because I’m black…NEVER mind that I’m the worst president in history…that’s why I hold Congress and everyone else hostage with the race card…I have to because if I don’t they’ll really find out just how bad I really am.

Yeah Obama says or thinks all that…and more…for NEVER before in our nation’s history has an American president treated half the country like enemies…but what can you expect from a president who is a proponent of BIG all-intrusive government…a president who sees NOTHING wrong with spying on ‘We the People…a president who would rather be out campaigning or golfing then attending to the business of the country…a president who leans so far to the left that individual liberties be damned…and a president who sides with America’s enemies against her.

Yeah that’s our president all right…clueless and dangerous all rolled into one and its our beloved America and ‘We the People’ that are suffering for it.

Where is a lightning bolt ‘from above’ when you need one…


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