Thanks to Black Lives Matter, you’re a racist if you think schools should be safer

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no pc5 black lives matterIf you think schools should be safer and students who continue to act up should be disciplined, you’re a racist, thanks to Black Lives Matter and radical left-wing government educrats, the New York Post reported Sunday.

The situation has gotten so bad, the report says, that politically-correct school districts are now punishing teachers instead of badly-behaving children.

Paul Sperry reported:

In St. Paul, Minn., a high school teacher was put on administrative leave last month after Black Lives Matter threatened to shut down the school because the teacher complained about lenient discipline policies that have led to a string of assaults on fellow teachers.

Last month, two students at Como Park Senior High School punched and body slammed a business teacher unconscious, opening a head wound that required staples. And earlier in the year, another student choked a science teacher into a partial coma that left him hospitalized for several days.

“In both cases, the teachers were white and the students black,” Sperry explained.  Color me surprised — not.

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It gets worse — much worse.  One teacher in Colorado was fired after she called police on a student who threatened to murder her.  The teacher has filed a lawsuit since it’s clear the district would rather she be killed than face accusations of racism.

Sperry added:

What’s happening here is emblematic of a national trend. The American Psychological Association calls student-on-teacher violence “a silent national crisis,” and recommends schools prepare to replace teachers who leave the profession “prematurely.”

In fact, national data show assaults on teachers are on the rise after several years of steady decline. A 2015 report by the National Center for Education Statistics found that 6% of all public and private teachers have been physically attacked by a student — the highest rate ever surveyed by the agency.

“Federally promoted discipline practices are wreaking havoc in schools,” said former Education Department civil-rights attorney Hans Bader. “Students who are threatening or engage in fights deserve more than a mere talking to.”

And it’s only going to get worse, thanks to Obama’s “fundamental transformation” and the rise of radical racist groups like Black Lives Matter.

Sperry continued:

Yet even as Obama’s national school discipline policy turns classrooms into war zones, 22 Democrat senators last week asked the Senate Appropriations Committee to increase the budget of the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights by almost 30% so it can better enforce this insane policy.

You read that right — Democrats are set to increase funding to basically ensure that more teachers are put in harms way.  And anyone who disagrees is no doubt a racist…



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