Terror in Austin, Texas – Trip Wires on Bomb Injure Two

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Screenshot via Fox News

A fourth bombing in Austin, Texas injured two white male bicyclists at around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday night in the Travis Country neighborhood on Dawn Song Drive. Police believe it may have been trip wires that set the bomb off, but had not confirmed it due to it being dark. The use of trip wires signaled to authorities that the level of sophistication on the bomb increased past what they previously suspected…if this incident is connected to the other three cases.

The two males were said to have “non-life-threatening” injuries and were in good condition.

“If this explosion was the result of a bomb using trip wire technology, that is showing a different level of skill above that we were already concerned that this suspect or suspects may possess…The blast was activated by someone either handling, kicking or coming into contact with a trip wire that activated the device.” Austin Police Chief Brian Manley

Police waited until daylight to process the scene and asked people to stay inside their homes until all was cleared. The Chief stated that 500 officers have conducted 236 interviews, and followed up on 435 leads since the string of bombings began.

If you are receiving an emergency alert to stay in place, this only applies to residents that live in the Travis Country neighborhood. The scene needs to be processed and properly cleared of any hazards. Updates will be provided to residents around 10 am.

Reward is now $115,000 for tips in the Austin bombing. Help us catch this killer. #AustinBombings #txlege https://t.co/LOwtSTY0Jg

The normal media narrative for such incidents is that it must be white nationalist, since the first bombings targeted the black community. But this last incident injured two white male subjects, so whether or not it’s related is unknown. The first three bombings specifically targeted black neighborhoods, with two deaths and two injuries.

Note: The Red Guards Austin group is a red-masked Marxist/Leninist group that has caused injuries within the Austin area. Similar to Antifa anarchists, they are part of the “Resistance.” It is not known nor has it been confirmed that they have anything to do with these bombings.

Austin explosion:

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