Tech Company: No Indication Hillary’s Server Was Wiped

server2“I plead the Fifth, your honor.”

In what could be a major development, the company Hillary hired to store her private server, Platte River Networks, says that as far as they know, the servers were never “wiped.”

The process of wiping is used to hide information which although deleted will still be recoverable.  Usually, that means writing over the data several times that makes the data appear to be gibberish.  Supposedly, the server was wiped but with this revelation, that assertion is in doubt.

This could also explain why when Hillary was questioned on whether her server had been wiped, she made some awkward attempts at humor, avoiding the question directly.  Later, campaign spokesman Brian Fallon also avoided answering the question directly.

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So, the question becomes, was the server wiped or not?  Platte River Networks, who had possession of the server since 2013, says no.

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