Your Taxpayer Dollars Paid For This Undocumented Teen’s Education

When Mayte Lara, a teen graduate of Crockett High School in Texas tweeted about her honors, she also mentioned that she was “undocumented.” The public reaction was swift and angry.

undocumented teen


Yes, her tweet went viral, and so viral that her Twitter account was deleted. Of course, not before folks managed to get screenshots (Thanks, Doug Giles).

Is she grateful to America for her free education? No, she flaunts the Mexican flag in her post and brags about getting free stuff, in specific, the “full paid tuition to UT.”

That’s YOUR dime, folks. To pay for a teenager who has been illegally in this country for a minimum of 4 years.

My dime, your dime

Is asking people to follow the laws of the nation ‘mean’? No. Her in-your-face attitude tells us that she has not become part of America, and is not interested in doing so.

(Note- having a “4.5 GPA” means that the high school she went to weighed the difficulty of the classes she took. It’s a way of making sure more students get into college. The liberal thought process at work.)

Making sure that every kid gets a trophy, being “inclusive” teaches them nothing but how to be leeches. Maybe she’s book-smart, but she’s not people smart or she would not have bragged about being illegal in her tweet.

No shortcuts!

Mayte likes to brag about herself. Lots of high school kids do that, it’s part of growing up and being stupid. But her tweet was less about her person and more about the whole idea of allowing illegal immigrants to have benefits that some of our own citizens cannot get.

A white person that struggles through college with high rate student loans that have to be paid back is the reason for the angry responses. Legal citizens of the United States didn’t get a shortcut.

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