Syria comes back to haunt as drones fly by

syrian rebels1There’s trouble on the horizon folks as our ‘traitor-in-chief’ is at it again, and now the ghosts of both Benghazi and the many drone attacks shadow Obama’s newest political moves.

In our RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Benghazi expose, my friend and partner Craig Andresen and I exposed what we believed to be Obama’s gun and weapons running operation to the al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels and the ‘targeted kill’ of Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Well now simply arming rebels with guns and small weapons has been upped a notch as NOT only are these rebels getting US arms, but Obama is getting ready to send a number of our military personnel into Syria to train the anything but moderate rebels. Obama’s hoping these weapons will aid the rebels in their fight against Bashar al-Assad, and hoping to train those who will fight against al-Qaeda-linked groups, what I want to know is since these ‘supposed’ moderate rebels ARE already al-Qaeda backed and supported rebels, what is Obama doing…having al-Qaeda fight against itself…I don’t think so.

And I seem to remember that about a year ago Obama had CIA operatives training the ‘supposed’ moderate rebels to some degree…something Obama officials will NOT discuss because it was a covert operation…have to hide the fact that those weapons now in rebel hands were funneled through Benghazi you know. But now Obama hopes that these new weapons and additional training can help pressure al-Assad into surrender without actually committing to getting us involved in yet another messy and prolonged Middle East war.

syrian rebels2Obama hopes he can pressure al-Assad into surrender…have to stop laughing as Obama is NO Vladimir Putin, and NO world leader today quivers in fear of Barack HUSSEIN Obama or anything he says, promises, or does.

And what does Obama want to give these ‘supposed’ moderate rebels…possibly antiaircraft missile launchers for one…way beyond simple guns and small weapons…and he would have special-operations forces doing the training… again more than simply arming rebels with guns and such. And who will decide exactly which rebel groups will be armed and trained… well Obama and his minions of course, and by leaving it to Obama you might as well just outwardly hand the weapons over to al-Qaeda and be done with it.

syrian rebels3And when you throw Syrian opposition leaders into the mix…leaders who are complaining about the size of the current CIA covert ‘arming-and-training’ program, and whining that only an overt U.S. military led program will be successful in increasing the number of rebels training to better fight al-Assad, you just know trouble is on the horizon…trouble as in getting our troops involved in a sovereign nation’s civil war which will most assuredly turn into a proxy war of Obama vs. Putin…the U.S. vs Russia…and with Barack HUSSEIN Obama as Commander-in-Chief you just know Vladimir Putin and ‘Mother Russia’ will come out on top.

Now when you add in that Obama has bowed to pressure to tone-down if NOT outright halt our overseas drone operations, things are NOT boding too well for the U.S. both in the Iraqi and Afghanistan theaters of war…and with our troops still dying over there both are still theaters of war NO matter how many troops Obama has withdrawn.

PakistanAnd after using drones religiously for many years raising the ire of both sides of the Congressional isle, Obama has now basically bowed to pressure NOT from our side but from the side of the enemy…or should I say from the side of his islamic brethren…as he slows down or outright stops the use of drone strikes which the governments of Pakistan and Yemen claim cause civilian casualties. But, and this cannot be stressed enough, civilian casualties are part of war and if said governments don’t want civilian casualties…collateral damage if you will (just like Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty were collateral damage)…than those government should simply handle the terrorists on their own for its collateral damage that most times will force an enemy to lay down its weapons…and this the enemy wants to negate and neutralize and Obama of course wants to acquiesce to their wishes as America’s enemies seem always to be his friends.

So as he now tries to deflect attention away from his bowing once again to his brethren’s demands, Obama keeps claiming that keeping the U.S. on an ‘endless war footing’…which he says the use of drone strikes does…is both unnecessary and cost prohibitive as soon our troops will be totally and completely out of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Now saying that his administration will be more selective in its use of ‘targeted’ drone strikes against any and all terrorists, Obama claims a more ‘calibrated’ use of drone strikes will be done because foreign governments are starting to step up to the plate to combat the terrorists themselves.

Oh really…tell that to Nigeria as they battle Boko Haram…tell that to Nigeria who asked for U.S. help and aid a few years ago to help in that battle and who Obama turned down…just saying.

drone2But when all is said and done, the truth is that drone strikes are an ongoing reality…a successful reality when done to the enemy (NOT as musings are heard of drones soon to be attacking American citizens on American soil)…that while curtailed down a bit drone strikes will simply NOT go away. And with Obama saying that when drones do attack it will be a given that “there must be near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.” An impossibility for sure and Obama knows it, so instead he has hinted that he will work with his Democratic cohorts to repeal the ‘Authorization for the Use of Military Force ‘(AUMF) that was passed by Congress right after the 9/11 attacks. In fact, it was the AUMF that authorized the war in Afghanistan, and attacks and drone strikes against al-Qaeda in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia…attacks authorized, signed, sealed, and delivered by this very man.

But try as he might the AUMF is here to stay as this is the main process by which Congress creates plans for war…and besides trying to do away with it will be met by a united political front from the Republican controlled House.

So as Syria and the issue of drones heats up yet again…NOT that those issues ever really simmered down…Barack HUSSEIN Obama will unabashedly continue to placate those who hate America the most as he puts on his best ‘smile for the camera’ photo-op smile and LIES to ‘We the People’ once again.

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