Sweden: Celebrity Chef Beaten by Muslims, ‘Bore a Resemblance to Mr Trump’

Sweden faces anti-Trump violence (Twitter).
Sweden faces anti-Trump violence (Twitter).

He may be a big hit in Sweden, but three Muslims in the Mohammedan-heavy city of Malmö-istan have added a few kicks to their take on celebrity chef Anders Vendel.

As cited in the Estonian-based online magazine Fria Tider (Free Times),  the multi-language news portal is reporting that the popular TV chef had the living shawarma kicked out of him by “three Muslim men between the ages of 25-35.”

The chef went on to state, “They thought I bore a resemblance to Mr. Trump.”

According to the report, Vendel has made a name for himself as an “anti-racist,” which is the tag usually preferred by liberal-progressives who favor the mass immigration by those from Muslim majority countries.

As reported;

In a Facebook post that was later removed, Mr. Vendel – who is a well-known anti-Racist figure and a star of the TV show “The Struggle of the Chefs”– described the brutal assault that took place early Saturday morning in a late-night fast food restaurant in Malmö.

“I am in the emergency room as of a couple of hours ago awaiting X-rays. I was beaten up by three Muslim men between the ages of 25-35. They thought I bore a resemblance to Mr. Trump.”

“Two of the men grabbed my arms from behind and the third one started punching me all over the face. I tried to defend myself with my legs. After receiving about 20 fists to my face, I fell down to the floor. All three then started kicking me as much as they could in my face and head. I now have a broken nose, bumps, a clogged eye, mouth, lips and jaw. Even a broken right thumb,” he continued.

However, what was left out of his statement may say more than what was printed.

As seen below, the now deleted Facebook posting correctly has Vendel’s first two paragraphs, but elected not to cite the third.

The last paragraph, loosely translated, is as Vendel posted; (Self-censored)

I would love to see this tough guy in private. I want to tie his hands behind his back and “give back”! And the rest… I’m coming for you…. f*cking pack!!!!!”


Vendel has proven that the old saying is true, even in ultra-liberal Sweden: “A liberal is just a conservative who hasn’t been victimized yet.”


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