Suspended CNN Reporter Tweets on Demand for Hillary


labott-twitterIf tweeting a biased message could get Elise Labott, a foreign affairs reporter at CNN, a two week suspension, then coordinating with the Clinton campaign to control messaging from a congressional investigation into Benghazi should be worth her job.

Labott was suspended when she sent out the following tweet:

Newly released emails show that Labott was colluding with Clinton aide Philippe Reines.  Perhaps colluding is the wrong word, since she was actually posting what he told her to post.  Talk about accommodating.

The first thing Reines ordered her to post was a criticism of Rand Paul for asking Hillary tough questions.  She gladly obliged and sent the missive out immediately.  Reines emails were part of a lawsuit by Gawker against the State Department.

Reines then told Labott that Rand Paul had missed most of the hearings being held by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Labott asked for confirmation of that fact and when Reines replied that it was, she posted this:

Sen Paul most critical on committee of Clinton, but a little late to the game.Not sure he was at many of the 30 previous briefings

Hours later, the two exchanged emails again and Reines mentioned a second suggestion for a tweet.  She told him she didn’t get that one.  Reines told her pin.  That stands for a personal message.  A few minutes later, she posted that it was done.

Here is the tweet Labott was ordered to post by the Clinton campaign:

Clinton: I tried to be transparent. I could have joined the 18 ARBs, kept it classified and then said goodbye. That is not who I am.

What wasn’t mentioned in the tweet is that the ARB (Accountability Review Board) was personally appointed by Hillary herself and during that investigation, neither Hillary nor her top three aides or Benghazi whistleblowers were interviewed for the report.

Will CNN fire her over this or will they try to weather the storm?  We shall see.


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