State Dept. refuses to say that Christians were specifically targeted in Lahore bombing

lahoreOn Sunday, as many as 60 Christians were killed when a member of a Pakistani Taliban faction detonated a bomb in a Lahore park where Christians were celebrating Easter.  As many as 300 were reported wounded in that blast.

The State Department issued a press release condemning the attack, but refused to mention that the targets were Christians:

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Instead, spokesman John Kirby only referred to them as “innocent civilians.”  Yes, they were innocent civilians, but they were targeted specifically for their religion.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

A splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the blast, which it said was aimed at Christians celebrating the Easter holiday. Pakistan, an overwhelmingly Muslim nation, has a small Christian minority. Officials said they had not confirmed if Christians were the target.

Reaction was predictable:

Of course, if the roles were reversed, the press release would certainly be worded much differently.

Meanwhile, Obama says he’s ready to bring 100,00 more refugees into the country thinking that will help defeat ISIS.


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