State Department Hid 81,000 Emails From FOIA Requests

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statelogoThe State Department is pleading incompetence on this one, but as tempting as that may be to accept , I believe the truth is they hid them like they have hidden or stonewalled everything else.

The State Dept. has in the past categorically denied that they had any emails to and from Hillary lieutenant  Philippe Reines, even though it was on the approved government server, using his assigned account.  Reines also supplied the State Dept. with 20 boxes of emails from his personal account.  Now, what I am having trouble with is that Reines has so many emails and yet the Secretary of State only accumulated 32,000.

Gawker requested the emails in Sept of 2012, but the State Dept. claimed they didn’t have any.  Going from none to over 81,000 is a mighty big leap.

The State Dept. is calling it a “discrepancy”.  I’m calling it as I see it, just another brick in the wall that passes for transparency in the Obama caliphate.  Now they claim the first of those emails won’t be ready for another 6 weeks.  What the hello, we’ve waited for three years already.

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