Sorry, California – Secession is (Still) Illegal

The pipe dream that is the California secession movement, aka: Calexit. (Twitter)
The pipe dream that is the California secession movement, aka: Calexit. (Twitter)

California or Bust(ed)…

In what may be the greatest case of mass-tantrum in the history of man, the NeverTrumpers in the Golden State have put aside the flood of tears, stopped rioting (for the time being), and put the kibosh on whining of the popular vote.

But predictably, the tantrumpalooza has come to its logical conclusion. Specifically, the same “adults” who were raised with the notion that they deserved a trophy for having lungs that exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide, have made clear they want to secede from the good ol’ US of A.

As reported by Forbes magazine, the Calexit (also dubbed Caleavefornia or Califrexit, depending on your druthers) may not be building up of a head of steam, but has some rather wealthy backers.

Noted by Forbes reporter Patrick Gleason;

California progressives and the state’s ruling political class have responded to the 2016 election results with some combination of shock, dismay, and contempt for what they see as a nation politically and electorally zigging while the Golden State is zagging. Prominent California liberals, including major donors, are so appalled by Donald Trump’s election as president and the fact that he will have a Republican-controlled Congress to work with, that they are calling for California to secede from the union.zipithippie

Hyperloop co-founder and Uber investor Shervin Pishevar announced on election night, via Twitter, that he will help finance a Calexit Leave campaign, tweeting that he will support a “legitimate campaign for California to become its own nation.”

The morning after the election, Pishevar issued a call to action, tweeting: “If you support an independent New California please RT. #newcaliforniahttps://t.co/l622uozAtj

“It’s the most patriotic thing I can do,” Pishevar told CNBC. Since Pishevar’s announcement, other Silicon Valley investors have come forward and said they would open their checkbooks to support the campaign.

Unfortunately for Pishevar and his Silicon Valley fellow travellers, secession from the United States has already been definitely declared by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional.

In the landmark case of Texas v. White of 1868, the court ruled 5-3 that no state could unilaterally secede from the Republic.

Interestingly enough, the landmark case took place three years after the cessation of hostilities between the warring parties of the War of Northern Aggression, also known as The War When the North Invaded America.

When the Southern states left the Union, there was no law or statute on the books that forbade any given state from de-ratifying the US Constitution, thusly, legally and legitimately leaving the federation.

General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, CSA. (National Archives and Records Administration - unrestricted.)
General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, CSA. (National Archives and Records Administration – unrestricted.)

The prevailing opinion in the South was that the United States was much akin to a Gentleman’s Club. One could join if so invited by the other members, and one could also resign their membership by their own volition.

As history proves, each of the seceding states first convened state constitutional conventions. After debate and discussion, the state legislatures cast their ballots on de-ratification. If passed, the bill of secession was then presented to the state governor for his signature or veto.

But before conservatives wish a fond fare-thee-well to the residents of the Land of Fruits and Nuts, keep in mind that while Hillary Clinton ran away with the state’s popular vote, garnering slightly less than five and a half million votes, Donald Trump saw almost three million ballots cast for him.

Besides, California may have been one of the more wealthy states years ago, that was then – this is now.

Under the alleged gubernatorial leadership of two Democrats and one RINO, the El Dorado State has seen fully one third of its residents living below the poverty line.

To add insult to injury, The New York Times declared that Los Angeles was well on its way to becoming a “third world city.” As cited by The Times;

California has both the most “ultrarich” (people worth more than $30 million) and the worst poverty rate in America. Even though San Francisco recently overtook Los Angeles in ultrarich residents, ostentatious affluence and permanent poverty live side by side here.

Besides, if California ever did gain its independence, it’s highly probable they wouldn’t be capable of maintaining their sovereignty for long.

With the inevitable conservative exodus in the case of independence, it’s doubtful if the remaining Californians could ever muster up the likes of a Marse Robert, a Little Creole, or an Old Pete.


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