Softballs from CNN while gun owners want hard facts during debate?

Hillary Clinton-1CNN Democrat debate moderator Anderson Cooper promised to not push candidates with questions that might set them against one another, an indication of network bias in the wake of the earlier Republican debates, during which moderator Jake Tapper did nothing but create conflict.

By soft-balling Democrats in comparison to how the GOP candidates were treated, it is highly unlikely that one of the country’s largest voting blocs – gun owners – will learn much about where these candidates stand on Second Amendment rights, where they differ with one another and where they agree.

Of course, the prevailing wisdom within the firearms community is that none of them, and especially Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Malley, are on the side of the Second Amendment. Clinton has already indicated that she thinks the Supreme Court got it wrong on gun rights, and O’Malley has proposed sweeping restrictions on law-abiding firearms owners.

Whatever else the candidates are up to, they seem to be drifting ever farther to the Left when it comes to a cornerstone of the Bill of Rights.

So, what would be the harm in asking these folks some tough questions on guns and the Second Amendment? How do they stand on such issues as gun bans, the Supreme Court rulings on guns, firearms safety training in public schools, so-called “smart gun” technology, or licensing and registration?

It’s a safe bet none of the leading Democrat hopefuls has read an essay appearing recently at regarding a study that appeared a few years ago—and was largely (and perhaps deliberately) overlooked by the mainstream press—in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy. The story was headlined “Harvard University Study Reveals Astonishing Link Between Firearms, Crime and Gun Control,” and it revealed some things that anti-gunners do not care to discuss. Among the things that this study determined, according to Senior Editor Rob Kerby, was that “the more guns a nation has, the less criminal activity.”

That much is being borne out by FBI Uniform Crime reports over the past few years that show homicides with firearms declining during the same period that gun sales and concealed carry have both skyrocketed across the country.

H/T Seattle Gun Rights Examiner.


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