Socialism in action: Of Sweden’s 163,000 migrants in 2015, only 0.3% have a job

Sweden - Refugee shows his thanks. (Youtube screen capture)
Sweden – Refugee shows his thanks. (Youtube screen capture)

For those too young to remember what a total failure Socialism was for the Eastern European nations unfortunate enough to be under Soviet Russia’s thumb during the bad old days of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, all the millennials have to do now is take a look at the basket case with borders, also known as Venezuela. If that doesn’t work, there’s always the example of the veritable poster boy for European Socialism — Sweden.

But on second thought, maybe not. As reported by the Chicago Daily Digest on June 3, 2016, the Swedish government just announced figures showing that of the roughly 163,000 migrants allowed entry into the Nordic nation during 2015, only one third of one percent have managed to find a job to support themselves.

To to be exact, 0.306 percent. In hard numbers, a meager 494 of the 163,000 have secured employment for themselves in the Socialist paradise. Of the remaining 162,506 mostly Middle Eastern and North African, they’ll be relying on the forced largesse of the hard working taxpayers of Sweden.

For their part, the Stockholm government has quite the reputation of being quite the sticklers for when it comes to having their bureaucracies running at peak proficiency. Case in point would be the Breitbart.com report of Nov. 28, 2015, noting that the Swedes were ready to deport thousands of illegal aliens. Only problem, they somehow managed to loose track of half of them.

According to the National Border Police Section in the National Operations Division, of the 22,000 illegals slated for deportation due to their asylum applications being shot down, some 14,000 have simply vanished off the police radar. The government turned the task of deportation over to the nation’s law enforcement when it became glaringly obvious that the Migration Board wasn’t quite up to the task.

Citing that the actual task of making certain individuals leave would possibly mean that “coercion would be necessary,” the already stretched thin police forces would just have to work a little harder. As reported, “A police spokesman said they simply did not have enough officers, having been ordered this month to become border police as well, enacting government policy to check passports and papers.”

Also cited that due to government policy, “the border checks have also been a failure, making no significant reduction in the number of migrants crossing into the country daily. Officers were only permitted to make spot checks at the border, and were forbidden to profile individuals on the basis of their  ethnicity, language spoken, or skin colour, making effective control impossible.”


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